Daniel Dubois

Daniel Dubois is a British boxer, born on 6 September 1997 in Greenwich, London. Known for his power, Dubois has earned a notable reputation in the boxing world due to his impressive performances in the ring. Dubois began his professional career in 2017, having achieved an impressive record as an amateur, with national youth and international titles under his belt. Since his debut, Dubois has demonstrated that he possesses a powerful punch and good technical dexterity. As the years went by, Dubois continued to improve and rack up victories, often by knockout. His strength and precision in his punches have made him a threat to opponents in his weight class. He is recognized for his ability to hold the ring with great control and patience, despite his young age.

In 2020, Dubois suffered his first professional defeat against Joe Joyce, in a highly anticipated match that attracted the attention of many boxing fans. This defeat represented a significant challenge for Dubois, but he demonstrated great maturity in the way he approached the outcome of the match, taking responsibility for his actions and promising to come back stronger than before. Dubois' career is still evolving and many industry experts predict a promising future for the young British boxer. He is one of the many emerging talents in the world of boxing and many are betting that he will reach even greater heights over the years.