Nba Finals

The NBA Finals represent the final series of the NBA basketball championship. Every year, the best teams in the league compete for the title of NBA champions. The Finals are an event followed all over the world and attract the attention of millions of spectators. Some of the most successful teams in NBA history are the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Chicago Bulls. Superstars like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and LeBron James have become legends of the NBA Finals, winning multiple titles and gaining status as sports icons.

The top 2 classified during the regular season participate. The finals are best of seven games, so the series is won by the team that wins four games first. The field factor is assigned based on the win-loss record obtained in the regular season. Since the 2014 season, the format has returned to the one prior to 1985, i.e. the team with the best record has the right to play the first two games of the final series at home and then any Game 5 and Game 7, while from 1985 to 2013 the team with the best record played the first two games and any last two games at home. A total of 73 NBA Finals were played, from 1947 to 2019. Furthermore, from the 1968-1969 season, the NBA Finals MVP award was introduced, which is awarded to the best player at the end of the final series. The team that wins the NBA Finals is awarded the Larry O'Brien Trophy.