Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic is a young talent in the world of basketball of Dallas Mavericks. Born on February 28, 1999 in Slovenia, Doncic has become one of the most promising players in the NBA. He began his professional career in Europe, playing for Real Madrid and becoming the youngest player to make his debut for the team. Doncic is known for his exceptional playing skills and vision on the court. He has a great ability to score points, assist teammates and grab rebounds. In 2018, he declared himself eligible for the NBA draft and was selected with the third overall pick by the Dallas Mavericks. Since then, Doncic has continued to impress with his performances, becoming one of the most dominant players in the league. He has won several awards, including Rookie of the Year and FIBA World Cup Finals MVP.

Although he is still young, Doncic has shown that he has great potential and is ready to become one of the stars of the NBA. Considered one of the best young Europeans of all time, Doncic can play both as a point guard, guard and small forward, thanks to his versatility. He has a remarkable wealth of experience for being so young and this, combined with his physique, allows him to be a factor in all situations: he is a skilled attacker, capable of creating from the dribble, playing P&R to serve his teammates on the perimeter or assist the roller or go it alone and get to the rim. He often plays in the post against opponents smaller than him. Furthermore, he is very good at absorbing contact in the area, suffering many fouls to go to the line and often looking for the foul and the basket. Defensively, he tends to be superficial at times but is good at reading his opponents' intentions in advance. Given his impact in the NBA he can be compared to Larry Bird.