Ivanisevic: "I have no hope for Novak Djokovic at the US Open"

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Ivanisevic: "I have no hope for Novak Djokovic at the US Open"

Novak Djokovic experienced a very complicated 2022 which caused him numerous problems. The choice not to get vaccinated cost dearly, in the tennis field, to the Serbian champion, who was forced to give up the Australian Open and several American tournaments and lost the title of number one in the world, a record he had held for several weeks.

The season on clay, after taking away the beautiful victory at the Internazionali d'Italia in Rome, brought little good news to Nole who lost a fundamental match in the Paris quarter-finals against eternal rival Rafael Nadal.

Only the recent victory at Wimbledon has partially improved things with Djokovic chasing Rafa's record at 21 Slams, currently at 22 in the major circuit. However, the situation will worsen in this final phase of the season where Djokovic, most likely, will be forced to miss the entire tour in North America, including the Masters 1000 and above all including the US Open, losing another chance to play Grand Slams.

In fact, in the States it is forbidden to enter the country without being equipped with a vaccine.

Goran Ivanisevic on Novak Djokovic

This is how Goran Ivanisevic, former tennis player and now well-known coach of the Serbian tennis player with the two who have achieved many successes in recent years, spoke through the microphones of Italian newspaper Repubblica.

Ivanisevic was clear about Nole's future: "Novak Djokovic will do everything possible to be there, maybe they will allow him to play with a special visa but now there are only a couple of weeks left. Personally I have no hope, I don't think President Biden will change the rules before the tournament starts and honestly it seems nonsense to me.

If you are positive but you are vaccinated you can enter America, but they also ban you from negative if you are not vaccinated. It's absurd, I think there is too much politics in the world of sport." In the course of the interview Ivanisevic dealt with many topics and not just Nole.

Jannik Sinner was also discussed and Goran commented on the recent knockout of the issue. one blue against the champion of the Balkans.

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