Kevin Nash: "I wouldn't be anywhere without Vince McMahon"

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Kevin Nash: "I wouldn't be anywhere without Vince McMahon"

Kevin Nash talked about the allegations against Vince McMahon that led to his resignation as WWE CEO and President. On 22 July Vince McMahon through his Twitter profile with a simple farewell message announced his immediate retirement from WWE.

McMahon had retired from his role as WWE President and CEO amid investigating some of his behavior after allegations of violence and silent money payments from several female employees surfaced. After his resignation, Vince's new co-CEO and daughter Stephanie McMahon arrived the night after SmackDown and led the crowd to a song of thanks.

Kevin Nash: "Vince McMahon didn't want anyone to know anything"

Kevin Nash revealed that he didn't know enough details on the matter with Vince McMahon who said: "Everyone jumped as soon as they knew about all those things.

Vince had these relationships, and maybe it was time everyone knew, but something didn't work out because he didn't want to. He just didn't want anything like that to come out. I haven't seen any such impropriety. He never imposed himself on anyone." Kevin Nash also acknowledged how the $ 7.5 million payment made to some women is absurd: "Releasing a payment of over $ 7.5 million to someone.

I mean, there are guys who have been on top of his business and they didn't go anywhere, let alone close to that figure." Kevin Nash also took the time to share some personal insights into Vince McMahon: "I just wanted to personally tell Vince that right now I'm sitting in my studio, and my son and I are driving and we're on a great beach.

he believed in me, I wouldn't have done any of this. I thank him and I owe him so much. Thank you for what he has done for our industry and for me. I don't know if he will ever want to, in case I will. If he ever wants to drink some red wine with me, I'll pick him up and then talk.

The door will always be open for Vince. I can pick you up wherever and whenever you want." One of Kevin Nash's best friends Triple H is now spearheading WWE creativity and his first official Raw assignment saw the announcement of Becky Lynch's out-of-the-ring action after suffering an injury at SummerSlam.