Taylor Fritz and the match at Wimbledon with Rafael Nadal: "Never been so bad"

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Taylor Fritz and the match at Wimbledon with Rafael Nadal: "Never been so bad"

The heavy defeat suffered by Taylor Fritz in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon against Rafael Nadal is still live on the US player. The American had smelled a victory that would have been historic for him and for his career, but the Spaniard's mental superiority, conspicuously not on par with his physical one, allowed him to win the next round against Nick Kyrgios.

Unfortunately, the Majorcan gave up just before the semi-final, probably adding to Fritz's regret that he could have fought for a place in the final with the Australian to the best of his ability. Fritz who, on the other hand, is of a completely different opinion.

"If I had wanted to be in the semifinals, I would have had to beat him. It's that simple. If I didn't beat him, I didn't have to go on. I didn't deserve to be in the next fight. It is what it is. He has the right to retire," declared the 24-year-old Californian in a live Instagram for Whashington's Atp 500.

Fritz: "After the defeat with Nadal I felt like crying"

Young US talent Taylor Fritz relived the painful defeat he remedied against Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon. A debacle that, according to him, marked him particularly, perhaps more than he imagined: "It was an important match and I wanted it.

I saw at the beginning of the tournament that it could be a quarter-final and I said: I want this quarter-final, and I got it, I played well. I had my chance, it could have gone either way. It probably hurts more than any other defeat he has ever suffered.

After the match was over, I was sitting there and I felt like crying, like I wanted to cry. I've never felt like this after a defeat." Alongside a scorching defeat, however, there is the sweet taste of an equally important victory like the one Taylor Fritz scored in the Indian Wells final against Nadal in March: "Beating Rafael Nadal was incredible.

It was one of the most important victories of my career."

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