Garbine Muguruza: "Rafael Nadal is the most resistant to pain

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Garbine Muguruza: "Rafael Nadal is the most resistant to pain

Garbine Muguruza praised her countryman Rafael Nadal for not giving up in tough times. The two-times Slam winners explained: "Everyone is sorry that Rafael Nadal has to suffer so much. Despite a serious abdominal injury, he continued to fight Taylor Fritz and managed to take home the win.

He has an extraordinary ability to endure pain and always finds a way to win. " Even Toni Nadal a few days ago spent nice words for Rafa: "If he hadn't had this attitude, he would have won half the Grand Slams. Obviously he will never put his health at risk, but his character allows him to get by even in situations worst.

Back in 2005 he had to digest the news that perhaps he would not be able to continue playing. Had we given up at that moment, Nadal would have retired and would not have won Roland Garros 2006. Even in the most complicated moments, my nephew never loses his confidence.

He is not used to giving up in the face of difficulties. "

Rafa's injury at Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal sustained a 7mm abdominal tear during the Wimbledon quarter-finals last week. The Spanish phenomenon managed to beat Taylor Fritz in five sets, but he had to forfeit on the eve of the semi-final against Nick Kyrgios.

His dream of achieving the Calendar Grand Slam has therefore vanished, given that Rafa had won the first two majors of 2022. As if that were not enough, Novak Djokovic has imposed himself for the seventh time in London and has shortened the gap that separates him from Nadal in the all-time standings.

Barring unlikely twists, the Serbian will not be able to travel to the United States to play the Us Open, so the Majorcan will have a great chance to stretch further. The 36-year-old Iberian should recover in time for the Masters 1000 in Canada, which will be important to refine his preparation for the last Grand Slam of the season.

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