Elena Rybakina: "Roger Federer a source of inspiration"

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Elena Rybakina: "Roger Federer a source of inspiration"

Champions like Roger Federer, over time become great sources of inspiration for the new generation of tennis. Personalities like the Swiss, as well as many others, are looked upon with extreme admiration by the youngest, who consider them examples to follow both for what they do on the pitch and for how they behave off-court.

Among these there is undoubtedly also The Swiss Maestro, as Federer is nicknamed, which is one of Elena Rybakina's myths to be inspired by. In fact, answering a few questions on behalf on Instagram, the fresh Wimbledon winner expressed all her reverence for the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

She said: "I've always liked how Roger Federer plays. His game is fantastic, but apart from him, I've always enjoyed watching games no matter who's playing and, yes, it's a joy to watch any game, especially when it comes to big fights."

Tsitsipas: "I miss seeing Federer on tour"

Elena Rybakina is just one of the names on the list of those who particularly admire Swiss champion Roger Federer.

Last June - on the eve of his debut in Halle - world number 4 Stefanos Tsitsipas also praised the Basel player. "I have a lot of respect for Roger Federer and have always enjoyed watching him on TV. Playing against him was a dream come true," admitted the Greek, who never shone particularly on the grass: "When I first faced him, I was about to serve and I couldn't believe Roger was on the other side of the net.

When I was younger, Roger was my idol. He is crazy what he has done for tennis. I'm not just referring to the trophies, but also to his style of play. I have to admit I miss seeing him on the tour. He is an extremely charming person and everyone loves him."

Roger Federer