Toni Nadal: "Nick Kyrgios' messy tennis is a handicap"


Toni Nadal: "Nick Kyrgios' messy tennis is a handicap"

Nick Kyrgios reached his first Grand Slam final at Wimbledon, but failed to stop Novak Djokovic in the final act of the Championships. The Australian played a perfect first set on serve and broke his opponent in the fifth game with a painful double foul.

There were two empty passes that punished Kyrgios in the following fractions of the game. The Canberra native lost his serve to zero in the fourth game of the second set and threw away a serving that seemed to be closed (he was ahead 40-0, ed) at 4-4 during the third set.

In the tie-break that put an end to the match, Djokovic then relied on all his experience and didn't give the Australian any chance. Toni Nadal expressed her personal opinion on Kyrgios' playing style in an editorial published in the newspaper El Pais.

Toni Nadal: "Kyrgios' messy tennis is a handicap"

"The Australian's lack of consistency, especially in terms of maintaining aggression, has highlighted the main problem that, in my opinion, shows his game. He has a bad habit of hitting too many balls in any way, practically without paying attention and in a bad position.

In today's tennis, due to the speed with which the ball goes, there is no other choice but to find a good position, to have good control," explained the Spanish coach. "The great players, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, measure their steps well, look for a good position and, from there, try to shoot well and increase the chances of victory.

Kyrgios' messy tennis is a handicap. It is very difficult for him to achieve the continuity that requires scoring. Tennis is a sport of repetition rather than spectacle. We see him, on too many occasions, hitting from the backhand without properly adjusting the steps and the forehand in which he does not make the slightest effort to bend his knees and gain strength with his legs.

It brings little inertia. Kyrgios is capable of doing things that few can do, but it is also evident that his ranking of him, currently 40 in the world, responds to the game he has."

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