Novak Djokovic could come back to Melbourne in 2023


Novak Djokovic could come back to Melbourne in 2023

It will be difficult to see Novak Djokovic on the court at the US Open. Considering the rules in force in the United States, which oblige travelers to submit a complete vaccination cycle at the border, Djokovic will not have the opportunity to reach New York to play the last Grand Slam of 2022.

Positive news, however, seems to come from Australia. We recall that last January, the Belgrade was stopped at the border and was forced to spend several days at the Park Hotel in Melbourne, a dilapidated structure that the Australian government uses to host groups of migrants and asylum seekers.

Djokovic was ultimately unable to take part in the Australian Open due to the decision made directly by the Minister of Immigration Alex Hawke.

Will Novak Djokovic be able to return to Australia in 2023?

In Australia, after the presidential election, the Labor Party returned to power.

Conservative premier Scott Morrison, who became famous for the Djokovic-Australian Open case, has therefore left the seat to Labor leader Anthony Albanese. The new government has lifted many of the Covid-related restrictions imposed by the conservative group and the latest order issued could change Djokovic's fate.

In fact, Australia will no longer prohibit unvaccinated people from entering the country. The only problem remains the three-year exclusion imposed on Nole for the visa deemed irregular. According to what I will reveal from the ABC television station, the Serbian team is already evaluating the possibility of obtaining an exemption from the veto that currently weighs on the shoulders of its client.

Under the new laws, the reasons that led to the cancellation of his visa have become obsolete. The Australian Department of Immigration has already made it known that there is no news concerning Novak Djokovic's situation, but that every single decision will be made with reference to the new rule.

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