Wimbledon 2022: Kyrgios beats Tsitsipas amid furious controversy!

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Wimbledon 2022: Kyrgios beats Tsitsipas amid furious controversy!

Nick Kyrgios remains an essential character in a landscape increasingly gripped by monotony. He said it also in the 3rd round of Wimbledon 2022. In the challenge against himself and the one with Stefanos Tsitsipas, a very simple disturbing element, the Australian talent tries in every way to sabotage himself and in every way to win.

For nearly two sets he plays a perfectly normal game. On the contrary. Even if he loses the first one at the tie break (due to a double foul at the start and a rather predictable adventure at the net) he always makes himself dangerous in response and with the joke available he closes the vast majority of exchanges with two, maximum three strokes.

The final 6-7 (4) 6-4 6-3 7-6 (8) probably doesn't even convey the idea. The show? The squabbles with the chair judge begin in the final part of the first set and explode completely in the final phases of the second. 'Tsitsi' tries in every way not to be overwhelmed by the game of Kyrgios, but out of pure frustration he intentionally throws the ball at the audience at the end of the second set.

Kyrgios is not there: he appeals to the Previous-Djokovic, yells, asks for disqualification and paradoxically finds the additional charge. Thanks to a break at the start of third, the son of an unscrupulous turn of response, the Australian talent then manages the manner perfectly.

And he does not even fall into the traps of Tsitsipas, who on two occasions pulls to the figure near the net. And that after a tweener-serve throws the answer away. Kyrgios, despite the follies, does not apply particular changes to the tactical plan.

On the contrary. He continues to hammer with the forehand, to complain, not to grant points of reference. Tsitsipas, who does not find good enough weapons in prolonged exchanges, feels the moment and above all the pressure. Kyrgios' new solo begins, facing 0-40 at the start of the fourth and 15-40 at 3-3.

Either way, Tsitsipas asks for and gets the support of the service and somehow remains alive. Kyrgios instead rises from 0-40 in the game immediately following, between a controversy and the other with the box. The tie break, a fairer theater, breaks at 2-1 with a rather trivial error by 'Tsitsi' in advance.

Kyrgios on 6-5 'wasted' the first match point in an attempt to cage Tsitsipas on the left diagonal and on 6-7 he defended the net perfectly. The Australian then opens the field with the forehand and closes with the backhand and at the second useful opportunity he gets out of trouble with a short ball. Cold, as expected, the final handshake between the two.