Grigor Dimitrov asked Rafael Nadal if he would be his coach: the Spaniard answered

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Grigor Dimitrov asked Rafael Nadal if he would be his coach: the Spaniard answered

During the online session, the great Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov asked Rafael Nadal if he wanted to be his coach and their conversation was quite interesting. "Okay, how about this? Hypothetically, you're done with your career, let's say in ten years.

I will call you and say, 'Rafa, can you come with me for three clay-court tournaments,'" Dimitrov asked Nadal, as quoted by Sportskeeda. Nadal responded: "I'm very expensive, man (both laugh)." Dimitrov then jokingly added: I'll pay for two tournaments and the third one, you do for free."

Nadal responded: "Of course, you know I'm there. I don't know if I will be able to help but of course, I'm going to put everything that I have to help. But if you win the title, we're going to have a big party.

That's the only request that I have." Dimitrov was also interested in whether Nadal ever played hockey or tried skiing, and the Spaniard answered him:
"I never played hockey. We don't have ice in Mallorca.

I never tried snowboarding. I tried skiing. I went when I was younger. As a kid, I went skiing every year at least once for one week. But at the age of 14-15, I had to stop when I started to become a bit more professional tennis player," Nadal answered.

Patrick McEnroe on Rafael Nadal and Wimbledon

Patrick McEnroe spoke about Rafael Nadal and his arrival at Wimbledon. "Rafael Nadal has said that he will play at Wimbledon, he's won the first two Majors of the year.

So he better play, he's got to get over there and play, he owes it to the game, he owes it to the tour, he owes it to Wimbledon to go over there and give it a shot," McEnroe said on Holding Court with Patrick McEnroe, per Sportskeeda.

McEnroe does not expect any illegal things from Nadal. "In previous years, Rafael Nadal would have probably pulled the plug but he understands the situation that he is in, he understands the responsibility to the game," McEnroe said.

"He says he's taking pain killers and I got to believe him. If you're telling me he's taking something else, well, then prove it. If you do prove it, well, then Lance Armstrong, he never proved it. He claimed that he took a bunch of tests as well.

I don't expect that to happen with Mr. Rafael Nadal because I don't expect that he's done anything like that at all," McEnroe said.