Here's how Novak Djokovic prepares for Wimbledon 2022!

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Here's how Novak Djokovic prepares for Wimbledon 2022!

The first half of 2022 was for Novak Djokovic, numbers in hand, one of the worst start of the season in the Serbian tennis player's career. In fact, it is not usual, given the results of recent years, to find in June with the 20-time slam champion who has only one title in the season, the Master 1000 won on the red clay in Rome.

The beginning of the year for Djokovic was certainly conditioned by the stormy events that took place in Australia following his choice not to get vaccinated, problems that then had consequences on his preparation and on the programming of the rest of the season, with the world number one.

he took the field for the first time for an official match only at the end of February at the ATP 500 Dubai. The last disappointment of this difficult year for the Serbian was the defeat in the quarter-finals of Roland Garros against Rafa Nadal, who then won his 14 title in Paris and further detached Djokovic in the ranking of the tennis players who have won the most slams, led by now from the Spaniard at 22 with the Serbian and Roger Federer stopped at 20.

Djokovic has this year a score of 16-5 and will come to Wimbledon with great responsibility, being a great opportunity to return to just one slam of difference from Nadal, having already won 6 titles on English grass in his career.

The Serbian, as reported by the Serbian website Sportklub, has made the decision to rest in Montenegro and not to take part in any turf training tournament, but to take the field directly on the London grass at the end of June.

However, this is not a completely unexpected choice by the Serbian, who has already managed to triumph at Wimbledon in the past without taking part in any preparation tournament on 5 occasions.

Djokovic will lose the number 1 of the ATP ranking at Wimbledon

Given the controversial decision taken by the ATP not to assign points to Wimbledon, Djokovic will lose all 2000 points won last year even if he wins, losing the top of the standings to the detriment of Daniil Medvedev, who, for another long time.

criticized by the Atp, he will not be able to take part in the London slam because he is Russian. However, the Serbian player had shown closeness to the ATP despite the fact that the decision he made damaged him more than any other player on the circuit.

“On a personal level it has affected me negatively, I will not have the opportunity to play and defend my 2000 points at Wimbledon. So obviously on a personal level this affected me very badly. But these days I have been speaking with the management and the president of the ATP and some members of the board.

Overall, I'm happy that the players joined the ATP and showed the Grand Slam that when a mistake happens, and it happened on the Wimbledon side, then we have to show that there will be consequences "said the number a few weeks ago. one of the world.

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