Rafael Nadal has revealed a plan for the foot!

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Rafael Nadal has revealed a plan for the foot!

Rafael Nadal could be ready for Wimbledon as well, and in an interview, he talked about the experience of playing Roland Garros. "It's true that I'm physically very well, that's how I felt during the previous two weeks. I played for more than four hours in the tournament against Felix and Novak, and more than three hours against Zverev… I played long matches and suffered pain, but the next day when I woke up, I felt good physically.

Surprising considering my age. "There really wasn't much pain," said Rafael Nadal. He showed mental strength for who knows how many times. "This tournament is very important, I managed to beat very good players. It is also important mentally after what I experienced in Indian Wells, a broken rib, and Rome and the match with Shapovalov.

"I left aside all the problems I was facing, to concentrate on tennis and play at a high level, which means that I was mentally completely ready for the challenge."
He played in a way that numbs the nerve of the leg with anesthesia.

This is currently the only option. "Anesthesia lasts seven or eight hours and numbs my sensitive nerve. The doctor gave me injections directly into my nerve endings. In the final, my fingers fell asleep, I didn't have any feeling in them, they were numb, but I had the necessary control of my ankle so that I could compete.

There is control over the foot, not sensitivity, so there is a slightly higher risk of ankle sprains. That is the reality now, but this situation cannot last forever. At least I managed to win the tournament because I can move and run ", said the Bull from Mallorca and reminded himself of the torments he faced after last year's performance in Paris.

"Last year, when Roland Garros ended, I limped for two and a half weeks, I couldn't go down the stairs. When you stop playing for a while, you feel bad for the first few weeks. It bothers me to feel pain that is not like when I train.

However, it is not a problem for everyday life. "


There are many options he could take advantage of. "The punctures hurt. It is bearable, but doing them 20 minutes before the start of each match is not pleasant. It is better not to talk about how many injections I received, I also drank a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs.

The dormant foot works now, but I can't compete like that forever. I will try a new treatment. " He plans to burn a nerve. "If I were not an optimist, we would not have carried out that treatment. We'll see what happens. The goal is clear.

We will do a pulsating radio frequency on the nerve to get the feeling I have while sleeping and keep it permanent. If it succeeds, it will take away the sensitivity at the top of my feet. If that feeling of pain is permanently removed, the problem will not be solved, but I can continue to play, which is the goal now.

I usually go step by step and when I do something, I try to do them with the thought that everything will move in the right direction. We'll see what happens. "

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