Rafael Nadal reveals upcoming foot steps

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Rafael Nadal reveals upcoming foot steps

Foot pain has been Rafael Nadal's main rival lately, including during the Roland Garros. After winning the title, the Spaniard announced that he was willing to take a next step to 'solve' the problem, which forced him to play not at the top throughout the tournament.

On the subject, the Iberian admitted: "Nothing has changed. As I have already said, it is obvious that I cannot and do not want to continue playing with the current circumstances. I will continue to work trying to find a solution and an improvement with what is happening to the foot.

The only thing I could do to have a chance to win here was to numb him. A distance block was performed with injections of anesthetic on the sensory nerves of the foot. It is a big risk in the face of ankle twists or whatever."

Rafael Nadal reveals upcoming foot steps

Then he added, revealing: "The Roland Garros is the Roland Garros and everyone knows what it means to me.

I had to take a lot of anti-inflammatories. Before every game I had to do infiltrations a couple of times, I wanted to try this method here. I couldn't be happier or can't thank my doctor enough for helping me through my career, but I can't keep running with numb feet.

We know we can try to have a treatment to numb those two nerves permanently - that's what we'll try next week. It will consist of pulsatile radiofrequency injections to burn the nerve and create the impact I have now, but in the long term.

The goal is to reduce the pain." Rafa is confident for the future: "If it works, I'll keep playing. If it doesn't work, that's another story. I'm going to wonder if I'm willing to go a step further without having any guarantee that it will be okay, which does not guarantee that I will be competitive again.

I'll have to ask myself if it's worth it. It's a life decision I'm not ready to make right now. We will go step by step, as I have done throughout my career. I hope the pain I have will go away with the treatment. I look to the future with optimism. I trust that the things that are done will work out. I'm in a beautiful moment of my career."

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