Mats Wilander: He is the favorite to win Roland Garros

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Mats Wilander: He is the favorite to win Roland Garros

Mats Wilander is a man whose comments are always interesting to listen to. This time he revealed who he thinks is the main favorite in front of another Roland Garros. "There are many reasons why I see Novak Djokovic as the first favorite.

First of all, because of the triumph in Rome, which gave him a lot of self-confidence. Then also because he will surely have a desire for revenge after everything that has happened to him in the past months, especially when he is not allowed to defend the title at the Australian Open ", he said for MARCA.

"He is the defender of the title at Roland Garros. He proved that he can play long matches again, despite the defeat by Alcaraz in Madrid. He did not look good in Monte Carlo after the match with Davidovich Fokina, he seemed tired.

It's much better now and I think he's the first favorite. " Will Djokovic end his career with more titles than Nadal. "I keep thinking about it. Every time he reaches his level we see him fresh. With Nadal, you can see how time is slowly running out, while when you look at Djokovic, you don't know if he is 24, 25, or 35 years old.

He maintains a strong level of physical fitness. "

Rafael Nadal

There is a lot of talk about Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard has many injuries but Wilander is not worried about him and his future. "No, I'm not worried.

That's Rafa's whole career. I always compare him to a horse, he runs as fast as he can and fights. His quality has no limits, only injuries are a limiting factor. I know he will continue to play as long as the injury is more he won't let it in.

The reality is he has to come back from injury and he's always come back. And when he comes back, you see something new in his game. One day he won't be able to recover and that's clear to everyone. He may be injured in Rome, but I think he will have enough strength to go out on the field and play at Roland Garros."

The man who impressed us a lot this season was also the young Carlos Alcaraz. "I can't say that he is a man who was waiting to replace the Big Three (Djokovic, Nadal, Federer). We have Tsitsipas, Medvedev, Zverev ...

Among them we have a good mix of style and desire to fight. There is also Rublev, who I think is Lleyton Hewitt of this generation. Now Alcaraz has appeared, who plays completely different tennis from everything we have listed so far.

He can do things that Tsitsipas does, such as catch the ball in early flight, play aggressively, he can be as solid as Zverev. He may not be able to do the things that Medvedev does, but Carlos has the quality to hit the ball very well and the behavior that makes him different from other young players today, "he concluded.