Rafael Nadal praises his young countryman Carlos Alcaraz

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Rafael Nadal praises his young countryman Carlos Alcaraz

A long press conference to talk about him on various issues at the center of the discussion. Rafael Nadal was questioned by the media before the official start of his journey in the main draw of the Internazionali BNL d'Italia.

Certainly the question about the triumph of compatriot Carlos Alcaraz in Madrid could not be missing: "I have no reaction. In my opinion there is nothing new, right? He has already won in Miami and Barcelona. Not a big surprise to me.

I'm happy for him. Everyone is aware of the confidence he has right now and the level he can reach. I am happy because we have had a fantastic player in our country for a long time. It's always special to win at home, so it was probably a very special week for him," commented the winner of 21 Grand Slams.

Then he gave his opinion on the treatment that the 19-year-old phenomenon will receive, compared to his own: "Unfortunately it's over a long time since I was 18 or 19. I can't complain about the media at all and people have treated me very well throughout my career.

How Carlos is treated, I think, will depend on how much he gets and how good he is with relationships with people. Normally you will receive what you give. I think Carlos is a good guy. It is normal that he is getting a lot of attention.

First thing: he's young, he's new, and all new things are much more interesting than older things, no doubt. When you see a new car, it always looks better. When you see a new phone, it always looks better than the old one. It is something that is normal in this life.

I can't complain about that at all," he added. On the dominance of the Big Three and the future of the discipline: "I think tennis is much more important than me and Djokovic. There are many players who can fight for important titles.

We are probably not in the same situation as five or ten years ago. when it seemed like tournaments were split between four or three players. I think the situation today is different. Obviously it is better for the fans that I, Federer and Nole play, from a humble point of view, at the same time we are part of the history of our sport.

It is always good that there are the best on the pitch. But the situation is changing, we are also getting old. The new generation is coming strong, Roland Garros will be an important tournament, but I think there are many candidates besides me and Novak."

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