Patrick Mouratoglou: "Doubts about Rafael Nadal's form"

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Patrick Mouratoglou: "Doubts about Rafael Nadal's form"

Rafael Nadal will resume playing a tournament again after yet another injury in his career. An injury, the one suffered almost at the end of Indian Wells, which compromised his first part of the season on the surface in which he conquered record after record during his extraordinary career.

The Madrid 1000 remains an unknown factor for the Majorcan as it will be necessary to understand how he will physically present himself in this competition that has seen him triumph on five occasions. Famous coach Patrick Mouratoglou thinks that the twenty-one-time slam winner will not be in the best shape of him and that he will arrive at the Paris Open with few games on his legs.

Among other things, the current coach from Halep said some time ago that the best Novak Djokovic could beat Nadal even on clay and that the next slam would be the most open in recent times.

Patrick Mouratoglou: "Doubts about Rafael Nadal's form"

These are the words he released to France Television: "Nadal will not play many games and it is very rare that he comes to Roland Garros with so few games played.

Therefore, this tournament will be a bit of an unknown for him. Despite his incredible start to the season, Rafa has always been a player who needs to play a lot. He will not be in the best shape of him," said the famous tennis coach.

The former champion Justine Henin, who participated in the debate during the sports program of French TV and who spoke of Nadal's desire for revenge against Djokovic, has a different opinion: "If he is able to prepare well physically, I think his desire for revenge for last year's defeat will be immense."

Rafa Nadal will make his debut at the 1000 in Madrid against Miomir Kecmanovic who overtook Bublik in the first round. The Majorcan's last triumph in the Spanish 1000 dates back to May 2017 when he defeated Dominic Thiem in two sets.