Tracy Austin: "There is great jealousy towards Emma Raducanu"

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Tracy Austin: "There is great jealousy towards Emma Raducanu"

The story in the world of tennis of the young and beautiful British tennis player Emma Raducanu, from the very beginning, took on the contours of a fairy tale. The athlete, last year, won the Us Open 2021, starting from the qualifications and leaving all the fans and fans of this beautiful sport stunned.

Everyone thought that Emma's could be the beginning of a domination or at least the rise of a new and bursting star in the Tour. Many sponsors and many offers for the athlete who, however, she has not been confirmed so far.

Months have gone by, there have been some physical problems but Emma has appeared very discontinuous and she has obtained poor results, at least for a Grand Slam champion. Many claim that the athlete has made the most classic of flashes in the pan, an exploit that is difficult to repeat.

The criticism for the tennis player increases, tournament after tournament, but there are those who instead defend Raducanu, currently engaged in the Wta 1000 in Madrid. Former world number one and Slam champion Tracy Austin spoke of the criticisms that have rained on the Raducanu in recent months.

Speaking to Reuters, Austin said: "Emma is beautiful, physically strong and very bright in front of the cameras. She is very young and has already won a Grand Slam tournament, she is a multimillionaire and I think many people are jealous of her success."

Tracy Austin: "There is great jealousy towards Emma Raducanu"

The former tennis player continued her speech by declaring: "Emma must remain as far away from social media as possible, I understand that she would need it for sponsorship reasons, but I suggest that she stay far enough away.

She, like all girls of her age, will be curious to know what they say about her after the matches, but the best thing is to stay away from everything." Despite the difficult period in the last few days, Emma has had good news: Raducanu has in fact won the Laureus World Sports Breakthrough of the Year award The tennis player was nominated for the prestigious sports awards thanks to the victory of the US Open last year, winning against Leyla Fernandez in a final among teenagers.

With the victory of the award, the world number eleven received congratulations from another Grand Slam champion, as well as her idol, Li Na.