Andrey Rublev on Novak Djokovic's difficult moment


Andrey Rublev on Novak Djokovic's difficult moment

Despite Novak Djokovic's troubled start to the season, which culminated with the defeat in the final at the home tournament in Belgrade against Andrey Rublev (losing the third set to 0), the Russian tennis player in an interview said he was certain that the number one of the world, playing continuously, will return to its levels.

Rublev, unlike Djokovic, got off to a great start to his season, winning three titles out of as many finals played (he won the ATP 500 in Dubai and the two ATP 250s in Marseille and the aforementioned title in the Serbian capital).

Some more important titles are still missing from his palmares, but his good start in 2022 bodes well for the current season. According to the current number 8 in the world, Djokovic’s difficulties this year are psychological.

"He It has nothing to do with feeling with the ball or with the body. He is more psychological. When you are under pressure, when you don't know if you will be able to play or not. Then the Covid rules are abolished, you understand that there will be an opportunity to play the season," said Rublev.

Rublev then added that to return to the competitive 20-time slam champion, just play a few games and become familiar with the pace of the game. "If you start playing in the first tournament in the United Arab Emirates, in Monte Carlo from n.

1, then the expectations are high. But you haven't played, there is no rhythm - you lose quickly. I am sure that with training he will be able to gain confidence for the matches. Play a couple of games, win against good players, and then everything will improve quickly," said the Russian.

The Moscow tennis player then recalled the best moments of his victory a few days ago in Belgrade against the world number one. "It depends in what format. If it's just a flashback it's been a great week. There are some moments that have remained in my head.

It's thinking or remembering, going through your head, what happened to win in the final against Novak - there is no such thing," revealed Rublev.

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