Maria Sharapova makes a big announcement on Instagram!

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Maria Sharapova makes a big announcement on Instagram!

Maria Sharapova has won five Grand Slam tournaments and she is one of the ten women's players in history to have completed the Career Grand Slam (alongside Maureen Connolly, Doris Hart, Shirley Fry, Margaret Smith Court, Billie Jean King, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf and Serena Williams), milestone reached on 9 June 2012 with the victory of her first Roland Garros.

In her career, she has won a total of 36 women's singles tournaments, including the WTA Finals in 2004 and 12 Premier category tournaments. In 2012 she was awarded the silver medal in singles at the London Olympics, in her only Olympics ever played.

Despite her numerous injuries, she has been one of the longest-lived players in the Women's Tour, having won at least one singles tournament for thirteen consecutive years (one year less than just Steffi Graf, Martina Navrátilová and Chris Evert).

She was the highest paid female athlete in the world for 11 consecutive years from 2004 to 2015. She is also considered, together with Anna Kurnikova and Ana Ivanovic, one of the most beautiful and fashion athletes ever.

Maria Sharapova makes a big announcement on Instagram!

Maria Sharapova is pregnant! The announcement of her came on the day of her thirty-fifth birthday with an Instagram post in which she shows herself with her baby bump by the sea. She wrote: "A great start! Eating cake for two has always been my specialty."

Sharapova retired in 2020, after winning five Grand Slam tournaments, clinching a silver medal at the London Olympics and being number one in the world in the WTA rankings five times. We also recall Sharapova is a candidate to join Moncler's board of directors.

Double R, former Rph-Ruffini holding holding, owner of 54,414,063 ordinary shares of the company led by Remo Ruffini, presented the list of candidates for the appointment of the board, including Maria Sharapova. Sharapova, CEO of Sugarpova candy, is investing in fashion.

During her disqualification from the Meldonium case in 2016, she enrolled in a course at Harvard Business School.

In a recent interview with Punto de Break, Gabe Jaramillo, one of Maria Sharapova's early coaches, said the beautiful Russian tennis player was obsessed with defeating Serena Williams.

Jaramillo sid: "Serena Williams? Hers was an obsession. We were at the academy, she hits a ball and I say Very well. She, however, replies with No, that's not good. With that hit I won't beat Serena Williams. Every move he was thinking of Serena From this we can see how the champions think, his mind was already five years ahead.

I remember when she was 14 and she lost in the Orange Bowl to Bartoli, who had managed to stay on the pitch for the duration of the game. The game ended for 60 60, it was December. In January, on the first day of training, we met and I told her to train for the serve, so that would never happen again.

Seriously, she replies. I'm not training to play against Bartoli, I don't care. I'm training to play against Serena Williams. At that moment Serena was already number 1 in the world. Just imagine the final at Wimbledon at 17, she had been playing that game in her mind for 5 years.

She was a special tennis player since she was nine. She might have looked like a harmless child until she picked up a racket. There she demonstrated all her champion mentality. She has always hit the ball with a lot of confidence.

Maria has always been a girl with great self-confidence, she is introverted, but to the world she is very confident in herself. This helped her to be who she is today."