Ferrero: "Carlos Alcaraz still has to grow"

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Ferrero: "Carlos Alcaraz still has to grow"

One of Carlos Alcaraz's secrets bears the name and surname of Juan Carlos Ferrero. The former world number one has been following Spanish talent for several years and has always believed in his potential. Alcaraz became the third youngest player in history to win a Masters 1000 tournament at the Miami Open and was within a few points of the top ten.

The player born in 2003 was unable to express his best tennis on Monegasque clay and suffered a bad debut defeat against Sebastian Korda. Recalling the successes achieved in Monte Carlo in 2002 and 2003 and speaking of Alcaraz's future at the Atp Uncovered program, Ferrero said: "The atmosphere in Monte Carlo is always incredible.

You can watch the sea and there are few tournaments that offer you this possibility. It has always been one of my favorite tournaments. It was special to win two titles here, because I beat two very strong players (Carlos Moya and Guillermo Coria, ed.).

Convey the right experience to Alcaraz? I think it's very important to him. He is still growing up and is still very young. I try to pass on all my experience to him. Sometimes we talk about these matches, the feelings I felt during the finals or the thoughts that crowded my mind before certain matches.

I try to share with him all the things he might need when he takes the fcourt." At the end of the match lost against Korda, Alcaraz showed great maturity and explained: "I am a little disappointed in myself. I've had a lot of chances, I was close to winning, but sometimes these defeats can help you.

At the moment I don't think about the expectations people have of me. I'm focusing on my path and what I need to do. Press conference after a defeat like this? It's all part of our job, you have to accept defeat as best you can.

It's just defeat, not death. Next week there will be a new opportunity to improve, nothing more. Sometimes there are questions that can hurt you, but I have no problem: it's part of tennis."

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