Roland Garros: Serena Williams withdraws from the tournament!

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Roland Garros: Serena Williams withdraws from the tournament!

The American Serena Williams has retired from the Roland Garros 2020 with an Achilles tendon problem, which makes even walking difficult. No sida then against the Bulgarian Tsvetana Pironkova, one of the most anticipated matches of day 4.

Serena explained how the trauma dates back to the US Open and has now returned to Europe. The 24 Slam continues to defy them like a curse. Also, as said by herself, this could be the last tournament of her 2020. Serena commented what happened in the Parisian Slam oin her statement: "I love Paris and I love the earth.

I really wanted to try to play but the tendon didn't have time to heal after the US Open. I struggle to walk ... I tried, I always give 100%, everyone knows. But this is a type of injury you don't really want to play with, because it can definitely get worse.

I'm not worried about my body in general, because it's an acute injury, not a recurring problem that has come back. It would have been worse if it had been the my knee. These things happen, I was unlucky. I cannot be sure today that I will be able to play another match in 2020," these are the words of Serena Williams after announcing her retirement before the second round match of the Roland Garros 2020.

What will happen now for Serena Williams?

Since the press conference, Serena Williams, after the first round, has therefore made it clear that she was not at 100% but that she would do everything to be there. In the end she was forced to give up and the Grand Slam dream is thus postponed to 2021.

In the past US Open the American tennis player had highlighted some problems with her Achilles tendon and after the first round match she commented on the situation as follows: "I prayed a lot for these problems to disappear completely, after the US Open I went to an academy and I worked doing a rehabilitation to make them disappear and be at my best for Roland Garros.

One of the reasons I am going through this conference very quickly is because after this meeting I have planned to follow the same protocol and I will go through a little rehab to think about this problem of mine. Now I'm going to do some sort of laser and ice rehabilitation in the affected area.

Different rackets during the match? "Even if they were different, they all have the same tension of the strings, I only changed rackets at every change of balls, it is something that the coach advised me because the conditions of this Roland Garros are particular."