Convicted Boris Becker faces 6 years in prison

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Convicted Boris Becker faces 6 years in prison

The trial of Boris Becker began on Monday 21 March in London. The former German champion, already in 2017, had been declared bankrupt by the London court, the Bankruptcy Court, due to a heavy debt (about 6 million euros, ed) that the three-time winner of Wimbledon was no longer in able to pay off.

The case concerns a debt contracted years ago by Becker towards the private bank Arbuthnot Latham & Co and other lenders; a debt he has never been able to pay. Becker's goal was to pay off the debt by mortgaging various real estate properties, most notably one in Mallorca.

The German, however, did not pay the installments of the debt repayment plan to the lenders, who obviously decided to sue him. At Southwark Court, the judgment of the judges arrived. Becker was found guilty of fraudulent bankruptcy and charged with hiding Wimbledon and Australian Open trophies, as well as several real estate properties, from Southwark Crown Court.

In all, there are four, out of 24 total, the charges related to the affair for which he was convicted. Becker now faces a sentence of up to six years in prison. Becker's judicial defeat was only mitigated by the suspension of the sentence itself.

The German will be able to remain at liberty until any further appeal, which this time could cost him dearly. We remind you that any sentencing hearing has been set for April 29th. The former world tennis number one, who has always pleaded innocent, had entrusted his reaction to the allegations to his Twitter account over the past few years: "Innocent until proven otherwise!

I deny the charges against me and will defend myself by all legal means. I believe in the UK legal system and its agents. My team of lawyers will prove my innocence."