Daniil Medvedev is undergoing surgery. He will be absent for two months

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Daniil Medvedev is undergoing surgery. He will be absent for two months

Djokovic smiles at the extended stay in the first place Danil Medvedev was left without the first place on the ATP list, he did not use the chance to return to the throne in Miami, and now he will have to wait until a new opportunity to overthrow Novak Djokovic from the head of the tennis caravan.

The Russian tennis player, the second racket in the world, announced that he has to have an easier operation, because of which he will be off the court for a while. "Hello everyone. In recent months, I have been playing with a small hernia.

Today, through an agreement with my team, I decided to go for an easier operation to solve this problem. I will most likely be absent from the field for a month or two and , Medvedev wrote on social media. Although this should be one of the best seasons in his career, because he achieved his dream by staying (three weeks) at the top of the Atp list, in fact Medvedev does not have the best results in 2022.

First he suffered a heavy defeat in the final of the Australian Open by Rafael Nadal, in which he led 2: 0 in sets, then lost 3: 2.

Daniil Medvedev injury

With insufficient results, he continued in the tournaments after that, and he did not become famous at the last two masters in the USA.

With all the pressure on the field, Daniil was also pressed off the field. The Russian has been an opponent of the war with Ukraine since day one, but the Western public is pressuring him fiercely to renounce Vladimir Putin in writing, and it is even mentioned that this will be a condition for him to be able to play at Wimbledon.

After this surgery, it is certain that Medvedev will not play at Roland Garros, where he never achieved a noteworthy result, and it would not be a surprise if his recovery from the surgery is an easy way out of that rude pressure before Wimbledon.

In any case, Novak Djokovic is smiling at a longer stay at the top of the world list, because in the next period, when he returns to the field, Nadal and Medvedev will be absent. The situation suddenly changed completely ...

It is a pity that Medvedev is so young that he has problems with injuries, but we have no doubt that he will return quickly and continue where he left off, because he is a phenomenal player. He is expected to become number one in the future and break many records. For now, he has a good chance for such a thing, because he is a top player.

Daniil Medvedev