Lesia Tsurenko: "I have nowhere to go anymore"

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Lesia Tsurenko: "I have nowhere to go anymore"

There are many Ukrainian athletes who have decided to take sides without fear against the war waged by Russia in their own country. Continuing to compete with the burden of the suffering of millions of Ukrainians on their shoulders is not easy for anyone.

Elina Svitolina and Lesia Tsurenko were the last two players to express their feelings through social networks. The current number 20 of the Wta ranking has decided to take a break and will remain in the boxes for a few weeks.

The reasons for choosing her are linked both to a physical problem, severe back pain, and to a state of mind strongly influenced by war events. "The last two months have been extremely difficult for me, not only mentally but physically as well.

I have been struggling with various back problems for quite some time. At the same time, I am forced to observe with extreme pain what is happening in my homeland and how courageously our people are defending Ukraine," explained Svitolina.

"This has given me a great boost to keep fighting on the court. Now, my body can no longer take any strain and I need to rest. I am sorry to announce that I will not be participating in the Fed Cup and some of my favorite tournaments in Europe." Tsurenko, for her part, gave a real cry of despair after losing in the first round of the WTA 125K tournament in Marbella to Oceane Dodin.

The Ukrainian tennis player, via Twitter, revealed that she no longer has a home. "After experiencing the worst month of my life with constant headaches, panic attacks and a sense of guilt over the war in Ukraine, I face a new challenge ...

as a Kyiv-based player, I have nowhere to go," wrote Tsurenko. "Now every Ukrainian has his own nightmare story. Where should I go?"

Naomi Osaka: "I wanted to be like Ashleigh Barty!"

Naomi Osaka came back to win in Miami, overcoming the Australian Astra Sharma in the first round of the competition.

An important success for the Japanese, especially from her moral point of view, which has definitely put her to the test in recent seasons. The 24-year-old girl, who has sunk into the WTA world ranking after the Australian Open, is trying to return to the top of her psychophysical condition and level of play, given the moment of great balance in women's tennis.

Continuity seems to be the aspect that the native of the city of Osaka must improve as soon as possible to find herself once again in vogue. In recent weeks Osaka has become the protagonist of a new unpleasant episode, which in the end cost her the defeat on the field with the Russian Kudermetova: a spectator heavily insulted her from the stands, the player burst into tears and in the end lost his match with a clear score of 6-0, 6-4.

In the press conference Naomi told the current feelings after her debut victory in Florida: "Honestly I thought it was a very tough game, it also seemed very physical. At first I tried to put a lot of pressure on her tennis and that's how I got a advantage so quick.

After that I think she put her game in order, but I managed to stay focused and win. I would say that I am happy that I was able to resume my tennis when I needed it," she commented. On Ashleigh Barty's retirement: "I saw the news this morning and it made me really sad.

I can't say we're friends, I'd say we're more acquaintances. kind to the whole world. I wanted to be a little bit more like her and I wanted to feel the same way she feels now: she left everything on the court and has no regrets.

A part of me thinks that everything I will do from now on is some kind of bonus, on which I shouldn't stress the results so much and focus on the energy I'm giving to the world, but at the same time I'm a very competitive person, so it's clear that if I lose in the second round I'll get angry.

However, I feel that the world is constantly changing and that every day is a new adventure," she concluded.