Booker T: "I'll explain how Will Smith should have behaved"

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Booker T: "I'll explain how Will Smith should have behaved"

The 2022 edition of the Oscars gave a completely unexpected twist. A bad joke by Chris Rock addressed to Will Smith's wife provoked the violent reaction of the latter, who got up from his chair to slap the host of the event.

Will apologized to the Academy after winning the Best Actor award, while Rock decided not to sue his colleague. In the latest edition of his 'Hall of Fame' podcast, Booker T expressed his sincere views on the incident that occurred during the night of the Oscars.

To better explain the concept, the WWE legend recalled a famous disagreement between him and Christian: "Even though Chris Rock's line was inappropriate, Will Smith had to have the strength to control himself. He could handle the situation much more intelligently, perhaps by asking Chris Rock for explanations behind the scenes.

I'm glad Chris Rock didn't file a complaint, he did the right thing."

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer drew an interesting parallel: "A long time ago, I was in a match with Christian and he gave me a huge blow to the eye. Although I wanted to react on instinct, I knew that the meeting was going live nationally and that I would damage the company.

When we returned backstage, we had a lively discussion and in the end we clarified."

Booker T also spoke of the break between Cody Rhodes and AEW: "All Elite Wrestling has always had a lot of people in charge, it was inevitable that sooner or later internal conflicts would arise.

You can't have that many roosters in the chicken coop and expect everything to always turn out for the best. I think some friction has emerged between Cody and the AEW management, even though I don't know the facts well. I doubt that - within the AEW - they are all as happy as they were on the first day.

However, it was difficult to imagine that Rhodes himself would have packed up."

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