"I was dizzy and had difficulty breathing," said Rafael Nadal after the IW final


"I was dizzy and had difficulty breathing," said Rafael Nadal after the IW final
"I was dizzy and had difficulty breathing," said Rafael Nadal after the IW final

The final of the Indian Wells Masters 1000 ended with a great and sensational surprise. Spanish champion Rafael Nadal crashed for the first time in 2022, yielding to rookie Taylor Fritz at this level. The Californian won his first Masters 1000 career in front of his crowd, good at taking advantage of a bad day for Rafa and above all the physical problems of Nadal, struggling with abdominal problems.

Despite this defeat, Nadal returned to the podium of the world ranking, bypassing Zverev and thus becoming number 3 in the world. The Spanish tennis player spoke like this in the press conference: "It was a difficult day, but I want to congratulate Taylor first.

This is the fundamental thing, there is a winner and a loser. He won and he deserves it, he was very aggressive, I congratulate him. I fought to the end even though it wasn't my day. These things happen, I have experience of these situations.

In the second set I had some chances but I didn't convert them, it's difficult to analyze this match. It's a great victory for him, it's a great day and I'm happy for him." The tennis player continued praising Fritz and talking about the future: "He is doing very well, in the last week he played well and beat Rublev.

Even in Australia he had a great match with Tsitsipas, he is growing sharply. I think he will soon be able to make his entry into the Top Ten. Future? My goal was to do my best before the clay tour, the truth is, it's been a great few months.

I'm sad because I couldn't compete at the top, but that's okay. My last two months are unforgettable, I've done things I never thought I'd do. Physical problems? Even during the award ceremony I felt pain, I don't know if it concerns the ribs or something else.

I felt and felt great pain when I breathed and moved, I felt dizzy, it limited me. More than sorry for the defeat, I am sorry for this problem and I hope it does not come back. "

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