Rafael Nadal complains of injuries again!

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Rafael Nadal complains of injuries again!

The Spaniard felt "chest discomfort" this time With the victory over Carlos Alcaraz, Rafael Nadal came to his 20th victory this season. In 20 matches played. Every time he went out on the field in 2022, the Spaniard celebrated at the end.

Another match, against Taylor Fritz, separates Nadal from the new, third crown of the season. He won the Australian Open first, then Acapulco, and here he is, reaching the finals in Indian Wells. And all that with - health problems.

At least that's what he says ... Rafa told during the Grand Slam in Melbourne that his foot is not in perfect condition yet, so he said that he was not sure that he would go to Mexico for the tournament, but he also picked up the trophy there.

Even last night during the match with Alcaraz, Nadal was not in ideal condition ... "Honestly, I felt something, some discomfort in my chest during the match. I believe that nothing is so important. It probably happened because of the wind, because of the constant sudden movements.

I also had some bad moves, "Nadal said after the match. Regardless of the problem, the Bull from Mallorca did not want to call a doctor for help. "I don't like asking for a medical time-out when another player is in line to serve.

I felt a lot of pain and I tried to move as fast as I could. "It didn't last the whole match. I wanted to be as fair as possible to Alcaraz. I still feel a little strange, but there is a lot until the next match, I hope it won't be a problem for me.


Replica of Nadal: Alcaraz

The statements of the tennis experts after the match are that Nadal played against "his replica", that is, that Alcaraz is terribly reminiscent of the style of play on Rafa. Such was the question at the conference ...

"His energy reminds me the most. Speed ​​in exchanges. The amount of passion and determination he has to become a champion. That's what I see in him. I have the impression that he is humble enough to continue working hard and to understand that we tennis players if we want to be great champions, are the only way to achieve that through constant career advancement.

hat was my path. And I think he'll try that too. I have no doubt that he will be great. And now he is already ", underlined Rafael Nadal.