Nadal beats Alcaraz and joins Fritz in the Indian Wells final!

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Nadal beats Alcaraz and joins Fritz in the Indian Wells final!

Rafael Nadal will challenge Taylor Fritz in the BNP Paribas Open 2022 final, after the win over Carlos Alcaraz with a score of 6-4 4-6 6-3. For Nadal, on the other hand, the final, obtained after the almost three-hour marathon against a formidable Alcaraz, will not be the first: Rafa has disputed only another 52 in the Masters 1000 and the opportunity to win the 37th title, which would allow him to equal the number of hits of Novak Djokovic, is definitely greedy.

In a first set of paradisiacal tennis, characterized by a game seasoned with net descents, passers-by, terrifying winners for power and exhausting exchanges, ready go and Prince Carlos brekka King Rafa, taking on 2-0, but the 21 times slam reacts immediately and responds with a 4-0 run.

Alcaraz gets another break in the seventh game and brings the score into a tie, but the balance of the first set is definitively broken in the tenth game, when Nadal, on the fifth break ball granted by the Spanish young player in the game, takes advantage of the error of the opponent to close the first set with a score of 6-4.

In the second set the script changes, and the undisputed protagonist becomes only one: the wind. For almost an hour of the match the two Spaniards are in fact called to deal with anomalous trajectories and the level of the game inevitably drops.

The conditions would seem suitable for the more experienced tennis player, and instead the one who has played 65 games at ATP level with this one takes advantage of it: Alcaraz, after 5 mutual breaks between the fifth and an interminable ninth game, keeps the service in the tenth and take Rafa to the third set.

The tennis gods decide that the deciding set must be decided in normal conditions and Aeolus stops blowing on the Californian desert. The level goes back to high, very high. When it seems that Alcaraz has something more than Nadal on a physical level, here is that the 21-time slam champion rises to the chair and, despite a physical ailment at the end of the seventh game, takes advantage of that only break point granted by the young compatriot and transforms it into gold, closing with a zero service game and signing the 20th consecutive victory since the beginning of 2022.

For Alcaraz it is the second defeat in as many matches against the Manacor tennis player. A real feat for Taylor Fritz who, supported by his audience, interrupts Andrey Rublev's streak of 13 consecutive victories (fresh from the titles in Marseille and Dubai) and gets his first career master 1000 final.

Sprint start for the American, who gets two balls to escape two breaks above, but who then undergoes the comeback of a very nervous Rublev up to 5-5. In the 12th game, on the Fritz advantage, the Russian sinks a forehand into the net and delivers the set to the opponent, continuing his personal self-flagellation, starting with repeated rackets on the knee and ending with bleeding of the hand after further punches against the racket.

The second set goes smoothly as oil, with Rublev who can complain about a long line backhand that ended up out of a nail that would have earned him the 5-4 break. In the tenth game the American's dream seems to suddenly vanish, when a cramp attack begins to torment him, but some kind concessions from the Russian lead him to match point and with the last strength that Fritz has he manages to place the final jab that earns him the most important victory of his career.