Roger Federer expressed his opinion on the Ukrainian war

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Roger Federer expressed his opinion on the Ukrainian war

Roger Federer is intensifying the recovery phase to try to return soon to play tournaments on the ATP Tour, has joined the gesture of other players and famous people. Among others there is also the former Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, who in recent days had declared via Instagram to fans and the whole world: "I am making a donation to the crisis relief fund of Save the Children, an organization who works tirelessly to provide food, water and aid kits to support the needy."

Meanwhile, many fans are waiting for the return to the ranks of the Swiss, who is currently in doubt to participate in the prestigious Wimbledon event (which made him famous). "I am grateful for all the minutes I have been able to spend with my fans, who show me incredible support in every corner of the world.

The tournaments I played last year made me realize that my career as an athlete has not yet come to an end." Meanwhile, The Swiss Maestro expressed his opinion on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, which has taken the world stage for a few weeks.

The Swiss talked about it through a message posted on his social channels: "My family and I are horrified to see the photos from Ukraine and heartbroken for the innocent people who have been severely affected. We support peace,"mhe wrote.

The 40-year-old native of Basel announced that he would actively support the people: "We will provide assistance to those in need of care, some 6 million Ukrainian children are out of school and we know that it is a very critical time to provide access to education.

We would like to support them in dealing with this extremely traumatic experience. We will therefore support War Child Holland with a donation of $ 500,000 to establish access to continuing education for Ukrainian children."

Andy Murray and the new collaboration with Ivan Lendl

Andy Murray, in a recent interview with TennisTV, talked about his expectations for a new (third) adventure with Ivan Lendl, the coach with whom he won three slams and two Olympic golds.

The British player will return to training with the 8-time slam champion in the coming weeks with the aim of being competitive for the home slam at Wimbledon, which Murray has won twice in his career (2013 and 2016). Murray capitulated to Bublik in the second round of the Indian Wells master 1000, wasting three set points in the first set and visibly dropping in the second set, surrendering to the Kazakh with a score of 7-6 (9) 6-3.

The former world number one reflected on the fact that, having by now quite advanced in age and having lived through difficult years on a physical level, the need for stimulation and to obtain the latest prestigious results led him to rely on Lendl.

"Obviously, as you begin to approach the end of your career you are looking at certain milestones and things you could potentially achieve. Obviously the last few years have been difficult for me. I have had some good results over the past couple of years but their consistency has been poor.

I think the reason is that the level of tennis I have played hasn't been that high. I really trust what Ivan says. Obviously we have had excellent results together in the past," said Murray. Murray plans to spend a few weeks in Orlando, working with Lendl, before moving to Europe, then returning to training in Florida to better prepare for the Wimbledon tournament.

The British tennis player has revealed that he is not sure how long this third collaboration will last. "But, of course, in the short term, we'll be spending a lot of time together. It means a lot to me that he is still willing to help me and he believes that I can achieve great results.

And I trust him in that too. I still feel it's possible, but I think if he hadn't believed it I don't think he would still have worked with me and told me. So, yes, I'm looking forward to it and I hope there are better results in the future." ù