Serena Williams: "If I had done like Zverev, I would be in jail"

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Serena Williams: "If I had done like Zverev, I would be in jail"

Speaking during an interview with CNN, Serena Williams talked thus about the exploits of Alexander Zverev, current number 3 in the world rankings. Here are her statements: "I have no doubt that there is a different and double attitude.

If I had done what Zverev did last week, I would be in jail now. I'm not kidding, but far from it. When you see things like that on the circuit you think about what would have happened if it had been me instead of him. I don't want to think about it and I prefer not to talk about it, but this is my opinion."

In 2018 a similar situation occurred with Serena who raged badly against the chair judge and in this regard I commented: "At the end of the day I am this. I like who I am and I like the impact I have had on people in my career.

I've been a source of inspiration to so many people, especially women and people of color. If I didn't have this passion, I wouldn't have done anything I did, not even off the tennis court. Despite my age, I still have a great bond with tennis and I show it more and more every day."

During his career, the German tennis player Alexander Zverev has often been attacked for his sometimes exaggerated behavior. Off the court he has been accused of harsh accusations of domestic abuse by his ex-girlfriend and sometimes things don't get better on the pitch.

Last week, Sascha was engaged in the doubles of the Acapulco tournament, and at one point, after a verbal confrontation with the chair judge, he started hitting the chair where the referee was sitting, even touching the poor victim.

On the same day, the Mexican tournament disqualified Zverev from the tournament, not only in the doubles but also in the singles tournament. Several people have criticized this decision saying it was too mild. This is the case of the American champion Serena Williams, considered by many to be the greatest tennis player of all time.

The winner of 23 Grand Slam titles once again focused on the differences that occur in sport between men and women.

Luthi said Roger Federer will fail to be at Wimbledon 2022

At the moment, however, it is not yet certain whether Roger Federer will be able to play a game in this new year.

One of his coaches Severin Luthi spoke to Tages Anzeiger giving a brief update especially on the physical condition of the twenty-time slam winner: "Roger is still undergoing rehabilitation. Even though he is not training with the racket and ball yet, he is toning the muscles.

He is working out in the gym. He is not only strengthening his knee or leg muscles, but his whole body as well. He is working on a conditioning program. At the moment, I don't imagine him present at Wimbledon. I won't be saying it's impossible, but I can't imagine him there at the moment."

Roger returned to the field last season for a short period, but still had to deal with the knee, realizing that he could not compete at the highest level despite the fourth round at Roland Garros and the quarterfinals. final in Wimbledon.

The pain, in fact, forced him to undergo surgery again. This time around, he's trying to take things cautiously and won't force a new return. Luthi believes Roger will not be present at Wimbledon In the coming weeks, Federer plans to start training with his wife Mirka.

In this way, he will begin to find the feeling with the racket and from the sensations that he will get, he will take the next step, which is to undergo the training of Pierre Paganini, which requires a little more to his knee and body.

A few weeks ago, together with Rafael Nadal with a joint post on Instagram, he had formalized his presence for the double at the Laver Cup which will be held from 23 to 25 September at the O2 Arena in London. There is a serious possibility that that could be the only time we will see him in action in 2022.