ATP Acapulco: Nadal beat Medvedev to reach the final

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ATP Acapulco: Nadal beat Medvedev to reach the final

Rafael Nadal defeated Daniil Medvedev in the ATP Acapulco semifinal. In the challenge with the 'new' world number one, the Spanish champion (three times champion of the tournament) plays a tactically perfect match. And it also contains in an extraordinary way the Russian's comeback attempt, who between the fourth and sixth game does not use a total of eleven break points.

Nadal, who hardly allows himself even a break, closes at 6-3 6-3 at the threshold of two hours of play and puts his signature on the fourteenth consecutive victory of the season with authority. In Acapulco he will play the one hundred twenty-eighth final in his career: the current balance of ninety-twenty-seven.

Cameron Norrie, the executioner of Stefanos Tsitsipas, is waiting for him. Nadal's project turns out to be as simple as it is effective. The very Spanish champion, who does not allow points of reference in prolonged exchanges and who forces Medvedev to play rather complicated shots with his feet on the field, flirts with the break in the first round of response (thanks to a double foul at 15-0 and a splendid reverse solution on 15-30) and hooks it on 2-1.

Even he drags himself to the advantages in the sixth game. After a practically flawless round of battutqb, which he embellishes among other things with two aces, the Spaniard no longer makes any particular changes to the script and closes the practice at the first useful opportunity.

The dynamics of the challenge somehow change. At least quality and quantity travel in the same direction. Medvedev, who wins very few points with the second ball available and who stains the scoresheet with a flood of unforced errors, once again concedes the break to Nadal at the start.

The Majorcan, who understandably takes my foot off the right pedal slightly, piles up the vast majority of the difficulties between the fourth and sixth game: needless to say, he cancels a total of four break points at 2-1 and another seven at 3-2.

The first two with the straight service scheme, the third (with courage) thanks to a rather elementary net closure after a splendid solution of straight on the line. On the fourth draw, the Russian was unprepared on the counterattack.

In the following seven cases, with Medvedev producing the maximum effort and enriching the package of solutions even with the short ball, he distributes the choices in a surgical way. He follows the serve at the net, patiently from the baseline, even 'copies' the Russian's sulutions with decidedly excellent results.

The third useful chance, at the end of a twenty-four-point game, turns out to be the good one to hook the 4-2 and definitively break the balance of the challenge. The rest is a completely necessary outline as per protocol, with Medvedev who in a situation of total tranquility on 3-5 (with three fifteen to keep) finds three answers in his feet. Nadal, on the second useful chance, does not miss the appointment with the victory: the number fourteen this season.