Toni Nadal: "Novak Djokovic is the best because Rafael Nadal was injured"

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Toni Nadal: "Novak Djokovic is the best because Rafael Nadal was injured"

Despicable statements from the uncle and former coach of the Spanish tennis player The rivalry between Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer will forever remain inscribed in tennis almanacs. All three were among the best in the history of white sports, and in what order - they will argue forever.

Currently, Rafael Nadal has the advantage in the number of Grand Slams won. The Spaniard won the 21st title in the most important world tournaments in Australia last month, while Djokovic and Federer have 20 each. It might have been different if the Serbian tennis player was allowed to compete, but it is well known what Djokovic went through in Melbourne.

In the end, because he was not vaccinated, not only was he not allowed to participate in the Australian Open, but he was also detained for several days, had two trials, and then was expelled from Australia accompanied by the police.

Rafael Nadal's uncle and his former coach, Toni Nadal, points out that Djokovic did not deserve such treatment, but he also has a contradictory view of his nephew's success.

Toni Nadal on Novak Djokovic

Toni Nadal does not pay attention to Novak's non-playing in Melbourne, which prevented him from becoming the record holder in the number of Grand Slams won, and at the same time, he claims that Rafa would be the best in the world if he did not have injury problems.

"It is a shame that 'number one' like Djokovic has to go to trial because of the whole situation, but that is something that had to be done because we have to respect the rules," said Toni Nadal, who spoke for Argentine Radio 10.

Novak Djokovic's absence paved the way for Rafa Nadal to reach the final of the Australian Open, as the draw provided for the Serbian and Spanish aces to meet in the semifinals. In the match for the trophy, Rafa defeated Daniil Medvedev and prevented the Russian from climbing to first place on the ATP list, and brought the second trophy from the first Grand Slam of the season to his showcases.

The previous one won 13 years ago. "Today he is the best Serb, but that is only because Rafa has not played for a long time. If he had not been injured so often, he would still be the best in the world today. But there is very little difference compared to Federer or Djokovic," claims Toni Nadal. We will see how some will react to these statements by Toni Nadal

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