Kyrgios: "Novak Djokovic needs the support of other players"

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Kyrgios: "Novak Djokovic needs the support of other players"

Nick Kyrgios continues to defend Novak Djokovic and support the world number one after the events that led to his exclusion from the Australian Open, where Djokovic was unable to defend the title he won last year. The fresh winner of the Australian doubles slam, author of an unimaginable feat in which he eliminated two of the seeded pairs of the board paired with his friend Kokkinakis, gave his support to the Serbian champion during a speech on podcast No Boundaries.

The 26-year-old Australian was the protagonist of a memorable ride together with his partner and friend Kokkinakis in the doubles tournament, bringing the slam back to his homeland after 42 years. His exhilarating performances and his flair have thrilled the audience, always in raptures every time Kyrgios took the field.

The Australian thanked the fans for the support he received, despite criticizing the local crowd for turning his back on the nine-time Melbourne champion in the early days of the tournament, reminding them that Djokovic had generously donated for the victims of Australian bushfires in Australia.

2020. It is not the first time that Kyrgios has decided to take sides in support of the number one in the world. In his last speech at the podacst No Boundaries Kyrgios returned to the subject Djokovic, underlining how in this period the 20-time slam champion is going through a very complicated period.

"I think he obviously feels quite alienated from all of this and as a human it must be difficult when you feel like the world is against you and you can't do anything right and all he wants to do is come here and play tennis."

said Kyrgios, who then added that "on a human level (Djokovic) needs some support from other tennis players." The 26-year-old also revealed that the Serbian was kind enough to join him in an effort to better understand the community's position on the issue.

"I talked to Novak quite a bit, he joined me after I stood up for him. I would have stood up for anyone, but he caught up with me, he just wanted more understanding in that moment. He thought we were taking our anger out on him," Kyrgios revealed.

In conclusion, the Australian tennis player recalled what Djokovic did for Australia following the fires of 2020. "We wouldn't expect a 20-time Grand Slam champion to be treated like this, no, we wouldn't," Kyrgios said at the time.

"He did a lot, when there were forest fires, he supported us. When we needed help, he came to help us. We are treating him as if he had never done anything, he is a villain, which in reality he is not."