Fabio Fogninini on Novak Djokovic: "I think he has blood boiling in his veins"

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Fabio Fogninini on Novak Djokovic: "I think he has blood boiling in his veins"

Rafa Nadal threw a glove in Novak Djokovic's face. He won the 21st Grand Slam and thus separated from the Serbian ace and Roger Federer. Only, Rafa won the Australian Open while Novak's hands were tied, he was not even allowed to go out on the field.

That is why Fabio Fognini, who is Djokovic's great friend, claims that in the best tennis player in the world, a volcano is boiling to answer that Nadal's challenge. In an interview with Gazeta delo Sport, Fognini talked about various topics and touched on Djokovic and Nadal.

"I think he has blood boiling in his veins. On the one hand, he will be satisfied, because these are the things that motivate him. He must have thought, 'great, you won, see you in Paris.' " Novak is very competitive."

"He has shown that in recent years. However, Rafa can win 22 in Paris if he wants. They are a unique phenomenon in the history of tennis, "said Fognini. The Italian takes off his hat to Nadal because of the way he triumphed in Melbourne.

And indeed, it must be admitted, Rafael Nadal was brilliant, moved brilliantly, showed strength when he was most needed and silenced all those who thought he would never be the same player. "He is an unseen fighter. It is difficult to find words to describe what he did, these are things that only the greatest champions can achieve.

I remember talking to Jose Perlas in 2015 after winning over the Nadal at the US Open."

Fabio Fognini on Roger Federer

"He was with me. Good times ... Rafa never gives up, it's not enough just to beat him, you have to exhaust him.

He spends it on the field, physically and mentally. I'm proud to have got him in Monte Carlo as well. Only Djokovic and Federer are able to stop that competitive fire. " But despite everything, he is a fan of the third member of the big three.

However, his favorite player from the big three is Roger Federer, who is considered by many to be the greatest, although Nadal has now overtaken him, and Novak Djokovic is also well on his way to doing the same. "I would not like to offend Rafa or Nole, but I was born and will remain as Federiano.

If I had to buy a ticket and choose who to watch, then I would buy it because of Roger," Fabio Fognini admitted. We will see who will be the "most trophy" in the end