Roger Federer can't run: "In April, I will better understand how my body will react"

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Roger Federer can't run: "In April, I will better understand how my body will react"

"I will know more in April, I will see how the body will react," says the Swiss It seemed to many that the records he set from year to year by Roger Federer would never be broken. And, on this day, it seems that besides Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, none of them will stay.

All this, in a way, additionally motivates the Swiss that although he has been struggling with injuries in the last two years, he wants to continue playing, he will not hang the racket on the peg. The last time Federer was on the field was last July, at Wimbledon, and his goal is to appear in the tournament that he has won the most times of all the Grand Slams and where he is the record holder with eight titles.

Maybe Federer is preparing a fairy tale, like Nadal with the Australian Open, because on this day, as he admits, he can't even run. Roger Federer complained about his condition and it is obvious that he is not ready for tennis at all, because many of his movements are hard for him.

Still, Roger Federer is an optimist despite his age, and the current situation, he believes he can return soon "These are very important months for me. In April, I will better understand how my body will react. Now I can't run or make any more demanding movements such as jumping, running or stopping abruptly."

"But, I hope that it will improve in the next period, "Federer said in an interview at the conference of the Swiss Bank, which is one of his biggest sponsors.

Roger Federer on medical team

The legendary tennis player from Basel says that he listens to everything that the medical team tells him and does nothing that would worsen the recovery of his right knee.

He is still as motivated as when he started his career. Probably the records that are there, and which can be broken at any moment, are the main motivation for this Swiss "Only in April or May will I know exactly whether I will be able to return to the field this year, but I have a huge motive to play again.

I'm going back to the gym tomorrow, to work out as much as I can. "I am progressing slowly, however, the doctors do not allow me to do more than that," Federer said. We hope that Roger Federer will return to the tennis courts as soon as possible and delight us with his game