Carlos Moyà: "Rafael Nadal lost four kilos yesterday due to dehydration"

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Carlos Moyà: "Rafael Nadal lost four kilos yesterday due to dehydration"

Rafael Nadal's coach, Carlos Moyà, was interviewed by El Partidazo de Cope where he analyzed everything that happened in the quarter-finals: "I didn't expect it, but the miracle happened. From the end of the second set we saw that Rafa had had a breakdown.

With heatstroke, he was dead. Now this extra day we have will come in handy. We are confident that for the semifinals it will be 100%, ”the former Roland Garros winner made his debut to Juanma Castaño, program director.

At the end of the game Nadal was checked and the consequences of this heat stroke were discovered: "He had lost four kilos. Dehydration was very evident," revealed the coach, who instead partially glossed over the question concerning the possibility of winning the 21st Grand Slam in Melbourne.

"Within the team, we don't talk about it. Dreaming, of course we dream. Let's hope we talk about it, but on Sunday. Since we've been here, we haven't talked about it." Moya rides the wave of what the bull has already declared by Manacor: "The pressure is there, but the best way to deal with it is not to make it a state affair.

Nadal has already said that his happiness does not depend on it. At the moment, we are focused on Friday. We are working very hard, day after day, so that he doesn't finish his career at 20 Grand Slams," he adds. "We didn't know we would see him in the Australian Open semifinals.

Two months ago we doubted we could get here. Not even in the most optimistic scenario could we imagine Rafa in the Australian Open semifinals. We weren't expecting it, but ... it's Nadal. He always comes back," declared the former world number one, who is confident that his pupil will put all his experience on the table to succeed in the tournament against the remaining opponents.

The Spanish coach concludes his interview by placing Nadal as the main candidate for the title: "Anyone left in the draw are potential Grand Slam winners. But obviously I put Rafa as the favorite, even if Medvedev already knows what it means to win a Grand Slam and he could be the toughest opponent.

I would put Rafa first and then Medvedev."

Courier compares Barty's backhand in slice to Roger Federer's!

Another square, yet another great victory Ashleigh Barty, who crashed Jessica Pegula to ensure access to the semi-finals of the Australian Open 2022.

There has never been a story on the concrete of the Rod Laver Arena between the two players, with the world number 1 who just left the crumbs to her opponent by overwhelming her with a clear 6-2 6-0 in just over an hour of play.

Ashleigh Barty who has found her best ally - as always - in the backhand slice, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and effective shots in her rich arsenal. A shot that, however, is part of an ensemble that makes the Australian "the best player on the planet"

This is how an enthusiastic Jim Courier defines it. The former American tennis player, commenting for Channel 9, praised the 25-year-old from Ipswich after her success on the Pegula. Only words of great praise come from Jim Courier's mouth as he discusses the performance of Ashleigh Barty, who demolished her quarter-final opponent Jessica Pegula and will now face Madison Keys for a place in the Australian Open final.

Courier focused mainly on what is probably the Australian's best weapon, the backhand in slice: "It is indisputable that she is the best player on the planet.Here comes a break point and again, the slice, it stays so low.

Ash's slice technique is probably the best backhand slice technique in the world, point, in men's or women's tennis." The former world number 1, now a television commentator, compared Barty's backhand in slice to that of another master of this fundamental, Roger Federer: "Roger Federer if you went back to Switzerland to listen, it's true, I said friend.

Let's call it a tie!" Hence the reply from Ashleigh Barty herself, who thanked Courier for the compliments: "This is very kind of Jim. I think everyone's shots are unique. I think of course Roger has one of the most outstanding slice backhands in the game.

Mine is very far from that. Absolutely, there's no stretch of the imagination to say we're on the same page. But I love using my slice, I love being creative with it, using it offensively and defensively. Over the course of my career I have learned that it is a weapon for me.

I try to use it when I have to. But being able to use it with variety and having different options has been a big part of my game for the last couple of years of my career."