Boris Becker; "Nadal will profit from Novak Djokovic's decision"

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Boris Becker; "Nadal will profit from Novak Djokovic's decision"

Boris Becker, the famous tennis player and former coach of Novak Djokovic, says that the absence of the Serbs from the Australian Open completely changed the dynamics of the tournament and that Rafael Nadal could benefit the most from that.

Novak Djokovic was prevented from participating in the first Grand Slam of the season, because he was not vaccinated against the coronavirus. In Melbourne, he was supposed to defend the trophy and attack the record 21st from the GS category.

With his absence, only Rafa Nadal has a chance to be alone at the top of the eternal list. "Novak Djokovic's non-playing at the Australian Open disrupted the dynamics of events, in the same way that Rafael Nadal's non-playing would change Roland Garros." "Suddenly, the players are starting to adjust their dreams and expectations, and we may have seen that through the unexpected defeat of Alexander Zverev, one of the tournament favorites."

"Nadal is the one who can benefit the most from everything because he is in the quarterfinals," Becker pointed out in a column for the Daily Mail.

Novak Djokovic Vaccination

A review of Novak's situation and what could await him in the continuation of the season followed, through the prism of vaccination against coronavirus. "Who thought a month ago that the Spaniard could be ahead of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer with the 21st title?" That is another reason why Novak is facing a big decision." Becker himself does not know what Novak Djokovic's decision will be, but it looks like he won’t change his mind any time soon "Without revising the old arguments, he will weigh the facts about the fact that it is now much harder for unvaccinated people to continue with a normal life, let alone play international tournaments.

"Honestly, I don't know what he will choose," the former number one added. We should find out more about the further plans of the Serbian tennis player after the Australian Open. Until then, Novak will not advertise. Novak Djokovic and his entire team are aware of how much the decision not to vaccinate will affect the outcome of everything, but it is obvious that Novak Djokovic has some other ideals that are more important to him than tennis and awards.

But let's wait, you never know when someone will change their decision and whether Novak Djokovic will decide to get vaccinated. In any case, we respect his decisions, and we hope to see him on the tennis courts as soon as possible.

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