Nick Kyrgios supports Novak Djokovic: Novak thanked

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Nick Kyrgios supports Novak Djokovic: Novak thanked

Nick Kyrgios is known for his controversial statements, so it was this time as well. He is angry about Nadal and Tsitsipas because he obviously supports Djokovic and believes that his colleagues had to react differently "People like Tsitsipas and Nadal annoy me.

Obviously, everyone has an opinion now. And that's fine. Just imagine how Novak Djokovic feels. And he is a man."
We all treat him as Novak Djokovic, not as a human being. Imagine how he feels now. He probably wants a little support from us other players now.

And he got it from me !? What the hell ... " "I'm sure if Nadal found himself in a similar situation, would ask his fellow athletes to support him. He would shout: "Help me",Nick Kyrgios said Nick Kyrgios will unfortunately not play because he is positive on COVID19, and he revealed that Djokovic thanked him for his support "Novak personally contacted me via Instagram.

He wrote to me: "Thank you for being with me", because he did not expect me to go to the media and say everything I said." "He almost feels like an alien, even though he is only human. I understand that Tsitsipas has a different view on vaccination, that Nadal will say anything, everyone knew about Mario anyway, that he would say what he said, but I wonder where the support is."

"When I first supported Novak, I received a "million" messages in the style of "How can you?" I replied to everyone that I understood him. When they ask me how I feel, I reply - ashamed. Shit ... "

Nick Kyrgios reveals message text

He also managed to reveal part of Djokovic's message "He says, 'You're trying to really understand the situation and have a little objectivity before you fire the bullets.'

So he was just looking for understanding.2 "And the whole of Australia focused with all its might on one target. He doesn't even know what to do anymore. They revoked his visa, returned him to court, he got them, he had just started preparing for the competition, and they returned him to the courtroom.

Madness" Kyrgios is angry about Hawke, but also with the media, which constantly writes badly about Djokovic "That character Alex Hawke said that Djokovic is a threat to the community. No, he is not, but we treat him as a weapon of mass destruction.

And he literally just plays tennis." "I understand the anger towards Novak that he was not vaccinated and that he has a medical exemption. And now the media are in the mood to direct their complete anger towards Novak, whatever Djokovic did, they will put the headline: "Expel him from the country."

He did nothing to anyone." " He just wants to play tennis. And that’s important because we love sports. I recently talked to Marcos Baghdatis, we agreed that sport brings people together." "The media divided us.

And destroyed the Australian Open. It's not a sport. What the hell are we doing? Let him play. He will leave as soon as the tournament is over. " Certainly the support from Nick Kyrgios is important for Novak Djokovic