Srdjan Djokovic: "This will give him extra strength, they don't know what they did"

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Srdjan Djokovic: "This will give him extra strength, they don't know what they did"

Things are still unknown about Djokovic. There is a lot of information, but only the authorities in Australia know the truth. Apparently, deportation is one of the options, but today Srdjan Djokovic (Novak's father) spoke out and believes that all this will be an additional motivation for his son.

"This will give him extra strength, they don't know what they did. He will win ten more Grand Slams from now on. He feels great, he has so much mental strength that this did not disturb him." "He can't wait to return to the field and start on January 17 tournament ", said Srdjan Djokovic, as quoted by mozzartsport Novak started training, which is good news, but the most important thing is that he is now a free man "In the end, everything ended successfully and Novak was finally released.

He is free, he was on the tennis court and trained. He went to Australia to play tennis, to make another record." "He left with the best possible intentions. He took everything he needed." "The documentation that was requested and he received a medical exemption.

We learned the epilogue of everything today. Novak is first and foremost an athlete, the best tennis player of all time." "He has always been labeled in various ways, but he has always advocated freedom of choice," he said.

George Djokovic, Novak's brother.

Novak Djokovic's mom on the situation

It is as if Srdjan Djokovic defied at today's press conference, but obviously, the love for his son is huge and he seems ready for anything.

His mom also said something: "We came here to celebrate the victory of our son Novak. A boy who learned in his family not to tolerate lies and deception, to always fight for justice." "He is not guilty of anything, he has done nothing that violates their laws, and yet he suffered torture."

"Of course, he stood up against the system and the Australian government because he thought he had the right to stay with the visa he got." "He came here to play tennis and win the tournament. For me this is the biggest win of his career, the biggest of all grand slams ", Diana, his mother said Srdjan Djokovic thanked for the support and believes that his son is a great person "Thank you for supporting all the people who are fighting for freedom of speech and opinion around the world.

Novak fought for it." "Various things have happened these days, it was very difficult for me as well as for everyone But Novak is mentally strong and he has never offended anyone, he always tried to help." "But the power from one small country did not like that, "Srdjan Djokovic emphasized.