Rafael Nadal: "Djokovic has the right to play the Australian Open 2022"

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Rafael Nadal: "Djokovic has the right to play the Australian Open 2022"

Rafael Nadal expressed his opinion on the Novak Djokovic case after the judge agreed with the Serbian champion and allowed (theoretically) to be able to enter the country and defend the title at the 2022 edition of the Australian Open.

On Tuesday it will be understood if the verdict will be challenged again and if there will be consequences for the number one in the world. The Spanish player gave an interesting interview to Marca: "It seems right. It is justice that should speak in all of this and I am a defender of upholding what justice says.

A circus has been set up around everything, but in addition to agreeing on many of Novak's things, justice has been expressed and he has the right to play the Australian Open. It would be the right thing." Then he went on, giving a little support to Nole: "On a personal level I would prefer if he didn't play (laughs, joking), but it would be the best for sport, both financial and advertising.

The best in the world better be on the pitch and nowhere else. I think there are a lot of loose sleeves on social networks so that people can say what they want in one way, that they wouldn't tell you face to face on the street.

Everyone should be free to want to do what he wants, but every decision has consequences. The most important institutions in the world say that to stop this pandemic you need to get vaccinated, I try to listen to them. I don't feel more or less intelligent about it, I just follow what those who know the most say.

The debate that arises about this is a circus," concluded hard Nadal, who will be at the start of the first Grand Slam of the season after winning the ATP 250 in Melbourne.

Novak Djokovic's FIRST WORDS from Australia: "God sees everything"

Novak Djokovic's presence at the Australian Open 2022 will be decided on Monday 10 January 2022.

The Serbian champion will have to spend a very uncomfortable weekend in an uncomfortable hotel and in conditions that are really difficult for any person to bear. Nole had managed to get a medical exemption from Tennis Australia in order not to miss the first prestigious appointment of the year.

But the problems, which seemed to have ended, arose again and more serious at Tullamarine airport, where his visa to enter the country was canceled. After this decision, the Serbian revolt broke out and the lawyers immediately appealed.

On the bench there is not only the non-participation in the Australian Open. Under the country's harsh law, when someone's visa is withdrawn, they can be banned from returning to the territory for up to three years.

A super-restrictive penalty that the federal government has not ruled out imposing as a sanction. The ball jumped into the hands of justice, which will soon rule. Given the conditions in which he has to spend these days, the Serbian player managed and wanted to communicate a few important words to brother Djordje from his hotel room, who was then asked to address them to the media later.

The sentence in question is the following: "God sees everything! My blessing is spiritual and their material." A comment that hints at the current state of the Serbian player, who is unlikely to forget a situation of this type.

His tough stance on the vaccination campaign led him to face a difficult situation, which could lead him not to compete in the 2022 edition of the Australian Open. Djokovic has held the title since 2019 and it would certainly be sensational news if the winner of the last three years were not even present in the main draw.