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In these hours the world of tennis and sport in general is shocked by what is happening to the number one in the world of men's tennis Novak Djokovic. The Serbian champion has lived through heavy and important days and today he officially won the appeal that allows him to have the necessary visa to participate in the Australian Open.

A rather surprising choice that undoubtedly left the Australian government perplexed, in any case opposed to officially admitting Nole to the country. Even in these minutes Serbian media have rumored of the tennis player's arrest, a state of detention pending new updates of the story, a situation however abruptly denied by Australia.

A situation bordering on crazy with Novak Djokovic's future still in the balance. The twenty-time winner of Grand Slam tournaments has lived and is living hectic hours and now all tennis fans and not only want to understand if Novak will be able to defend the title in Australia, a victory that could lead to the tenth Australian Slam and the twenty-first Slam in career.

The Australian government has published the pseudo-interview or rather the words of Novak Djokovic released to local bodies during these days where the number one was blocked in the hotel for immigrants in Carlton. Nole spoke by answering all the questions, often with only affirmative or dissenting phrases and then talking about the vaccine issue: "I'm a professional tennis player and the main reason I'm here is to participate in the Australian Open.

Yes, I am not vaccinated at the moment. I have had Covid on two occasions, last June and recently last December 16th. I have all the documents that confirm my positivity." In the last few minutes Nole would now seem to have been definitively released by the Australian custody bodies and now, according to The Age reports, the final decision regarding whether or not the tennis player will stay in Australia will be taken on the day of tomorrow.

A situation of great confusion that undoubtedly does not make the entire oceanic continent look good and that leads to great perplexity regarding the choices of the Australian jurisdiction.


The legal battle waged by the lawyers of world number one Novak Djokovic continues.

The Serbian champion was first invited to Australia thanks to a medical exemption and then, after a few days, they blatantly refused it. According to the Government of Victoria, in fact, the documents brought forward by the lawyers of the twenty-time winner of Slam tournaments and nine-time winner here in Australia would not be adequate for him to obtain the exemption and the legal battle continues therefore even in these days.

On Monday, the official decision should arrive regarding the future of Nole, who, in the meantime, is staying in a hotel intended for 'immigrants' on the oceanic continent with the other people without cards to stay in the country.

Djokovic sees his future in the balance but interesting updates are coming in the last few hours. The first official documents have emerged and the situation of world number one Novak Djokovic has been clarified. As revealed in recent days, Novak Djokovic had Covid last December 16, a very close date that forced him to skip the ATP Cup.

To report this are the colleagues of ABC News. Although this reason clarifies Nole's situation and the fact that the tennis player cannot actually get the vaccine at the moment, the Victoria County Government rejected this clarification and rejected the tennis player's motivations.

Djokovic does not give up and through his lawyers he has made it known that he wants to be transferred to the hotel where he had initially asked for accommodation. Only in this way will he finally be able to start training for the tournament, the Australian Open essential to certify his run-up to the GOAT.

In case of victory in this tournament (if he participates) Djokovic will be able to become the first tennis player to win ten Australian Open and above all the first tennis player in history to reach 21 Grand Slam tournaments, perhaps detaching definitively the two rivals in the GOAT race. always Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, the latter also present in Australia.