Novak Djokovic received huge support in front of the Serbian Parliament!

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Novak Djokovic received huge support in front of the Serbian Parliament!

The Djokovic family is under great stress after the fate of Novak Djokovic is still unknown. Dijana Djokovic (Novak's mother) and Srdjan Djokovic (father) appeared in front of the Serbian Parliament building "Dear friends, you are giving us great support, we are sending it to Novak.

Now our support is the most important, there are not many of us, but we are strong." "Novak decided to seek justice, he is not guilty of anything. He did everything according to the rules. They locked him up, they don't even give him breakfast.

He has lunch and dinner, there is nothing for breakfast, "said Diana Djokovic, Novak's mother. as quoted by mozzartsport In another emotional address, she stated that Djokovic is facing conditions below the level of human dignity.

"I'm telling you what he told me. And in prison, they have three meals a day and to go out. There is no normal window to look at the park, but a wall." "These are not humane conditions. Thank you to everyone in the world, in Melbourne, Čačak, Vrnjačka Banja, everyone.

We are going further, I hope we will win ", stated Diana.

Srdjan Djokovic is frustrated

Srdjan Djokovic had previously spoken in the previous days, had interesting statements, and he is obviously quite frustrated with the way Novak Djokovic is being treated.

He believes that Novak is in conditions where he should not be, but he seems to be persistent in finally resolving this matter. "They're doing this to the best guy in the world!" He won their Australian Open nine times.

They have no respect for him. This is happening because we are only a small part of the world, but we are proud." "They can't break us. Novak is the personification of freedom, everything human that one man contains in himself.

Shame on them! Not the people, but the politicians." "Politicians say that if the court decides to play, they can arrest him again and state that it is according to their Commonwealth law, to which Australia also belongs.

Are we animals? What are we? People! We are not interested in those fights between the federal and provincial governments and the tennis federation, "said Srdjan Djokovic. His brother Djordje also had something to say "Let the whole world hear the truth!" We hope that the court is independent and that Novak will emerge as a winner and a free man.

Thanks to everyone around the world." "People gathered in Melbourne today, they showed great love for him, we want to send him gratitude and love, we believe in him and our morals. No one is stronger than all of us!

Let's see him on the tennis court soon." "Novak only has lunch and dinner, no breakfast. These are not human and humane conditions. That is what Novak told me personally. There are no conditions for imprisonment there either, "Djordje Djokovic added.