Rafael Nadal: "Djokovic could get vaccinated"


Rafael Nadal: "Djokovic could get vaccinated"

After several months of absence during the night, the Spanish champion, former world number one Rafael Nadal, came back to the court. The Mallorcan tennis player received the affection of the public of the ATP 250 in Melbourne 2022 and won on his debut without particular problems with the result of 6-2 7-5.

A good performance for Rafa who has to slowly regain his condition, he was recently stopped by Covid but is now ready to start again. Not only performances on the pitch as Rafa was also eagerly awaited in the press conference where, could not miss, the questions about his great rival and man, despite him, of the moment Novak Djokovic.

After hours of waiting at the airport and a situation bordering on the unbelievable, the Australian government refused the visa of the Serbian who will now miss the Australian Open 2022, barring other incredible twists. At the press conference, the Spanish champion spoke about the pandemic situation and addressed special words to world number one Novak Djokovic.

Here are his words: "Everything that is happening is not good for anyone. I am missing all the details to comment on this story but the only thing I can say is that many families have suffered and are continuing to do so, so we only have to trust medicine and people who really know it, for this we need to get vaccinated.

I passed Covid, I took two doses and if you do you have no problem competing here. The world has already suffered too much and I don't think it is a good idea not to respect the rules. Failure to vaccinate Novak Djokovic? Everyone can do what he thinks best for himself, but it is clear that there are rules and if they are not followed there can be problems.

Many people have died for two years and vaccination is the only way to put a stop to all this. This is what the experts say and I am no one to doubt it. Nole? If he had really wanted to, now he could already play without any problem.

I don't like the treatment he is receiving and deep down I'm sorry for him, but he made his decision consciously and knew for months what he was getting into," a Rafa who showed himself very clear and rigid in the conference.

Novak Djokovic: hated by social media, loved by NoVax

This is the sports news of the day, the first big bomb of 2022: Novak Djokovic will play the Australian Open despite not being vaccinated. He can do this thanks to a medical exemption that has been granted to him, causing a huge media fuss.

Almost certainly neither Djokovic nor his staff members will comment on the news and the Australian government will probably do the same - or rather, it will not. It is certain that the Djokovic case does not fall within one of the four reasons for granting medical exemption.

These are: an acute medical condition that led to hospitalization or major surgery; a recent swab positivity that would lead to a six-month postponement of the vaccine; a serious side effect resulting from the administration of the first dose; mental health conditions that could make the vaccine a risk.

In short: none of this. According to the latest news, the Serbian champion would not be the only player who benefited from medical exemption to be able to play the first Grand Slam of the year. This was stated by Craig Tiley, the director of the tournament, but clearly without giving other names.

It is also clear that the measure adopted is an ad personam matter to allow the nine-time champion to enrich the tournament with his presence. Right? Surely not! Djokovic, who by winning the tournament would overtake Federer and Nadal, becoming the absolute record holder as Slam titles, has certainly not rounded up new fans, quite the contrary.

Public opinion has also sided heavily against him, identifying him, wrongly for the writer, as an enemy to fight. It is not Djokovic who made a mistake in hindsight, but who granted medical exemption. The number one in the world, since he declared his firm position on the vaccine issue, has never backed down, but he cannot be blamed for this.

Serious, indeed very serious, those who, by granting the exemption, have created a dangerous precedent, especially in a country like Australia that has fought with strict restrictions, still in force, against the Coronavirus.

In these hours, haters, criticisms and trials are proliferating on social media, mainly directed at Djokovic himself and, on the other side of the fence, the NoVax world has elected the Serbian as a total idol. The most cutting and incisive tweet is probably the one signed by the journalist Biasin: "This celebration of Djokovic by the noVax universe is curious: he is allowed what they are not allowed.

And they celebrate it. Extraordinary." In Italy, Enrico Mentana was also exposed, asking the world of sport to block Djokovic’s registration in the Australian Open on Facebook. Paolo Condò, on the other hand, referring to Djokovic tweets: "In place of the opponents I would refuse to face him.

As a matter of principle." This is not the right place to convict or not those who decide not to get vaccinated, here we must talk about tennis and it is clear that anyone would like to be able to enjoy Djokovic's presence in 'his' Slam, but it is also sunny that respect and respect equality of rules are worth more than one sample. Or maybe not?

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