Srdjan Djokovic brutally insulted the Australian authorities!

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Srdjan Djokovic brutally insulted the Australian authorities!

"They could have told him not to come and everything would be ok," says the father of the best tennis player in the world Srdjan Djokovic had an emotional, stormy performance at a press conference on the occasion of the detention of Novak Djokovic in custody in Melbourne.

The best tennis player in the world is about to be deported from Australia, the final court decision is awaited on Monday, and the Djokovic family addressed the media in Belgrade regarding everything that is happening in the last 24 hours.

Srdjan Djokovic said that by humiliating Novak, the Australian authorities want to humiliate the whole of Serbia at the same time. "They are trampling Novak, and thus trampling Serbia and the Serbian people. That first man of that distant land, Scott Morrison, dared to attack Novak and expel him, but he did not even enter his country.

"They wanted to bring him to his knees, not only him, but the whole of Serbia," said Djokovic senior. He also underlined that everything that is happening to Novak in Melbourne has nothing to do with tennis. "This is a political fight, it has nothing to do with sports.

He fulfilled all the conditions needed to enter Australia and win another one of their Australian Open." "And he would win it because it is Novak, the best tennis player, and athlete in the world. But those experts, those few hundred million people from that western world who think that this world is theirs, cannot say that through their mouths.

There is seven and a half billion libertarian worlds, which they call the third world. "

Srdjan Djokovic on Australian authorities

Srdjan Djokovic points out that the Australians if they wanted to, could have solved everything gallantly.

"They could have told him: "Don't come, Novak, "and everything would be fine. But they wanted to underestimate him. They took him to jail." "There ha can't change his clothes, can't wash.

He is a prisoner of those bastards. Shame on them! This is a fight for freedom of speech, freedom of behavior. Novak did not violate any law ", underlined Srdjan Djokovic. This is perhaps the biggest dust that has risen lately in the world of tennis.

New information about Novak Djokovic is coming every minute and the question is what the outcome will be. Obviously, everything will end negatively for the best tennis player in the world, but how much will all this affect Novak Djokovic?