Novak Djokovic: "I fell sorry I didn't cry before the final with Medvedev"

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Novak Djokovic: "I fell sorry I didn't cry before the final with Medvedev"

Novak Djokovic had an interesting season and in an interview with L'Equp he spoke openly about everything: "This was one of those special years in my life, not only in terms of results, but also all those records, and pandemics, all those emotions on and off the field.

I'm glad that after all, 2021 is over." Every year, of course, is remembered by the end, so even though Novak dominated in the first part of the season, many have first memories of the 2021 crash at the Tokyo Olympics and when it comes to strictly tennis audiences, that defeat by Medvedev (4: 6, 4: 6, 4: 6) in New York.

"Daniil played better than me that day. He had such a clear game plan and he put it into practice. Honestly, he didn't even give me many chances…" "His serve was unpredictable, with a lot of variations, he hit every corner of the field ", said Djokovic in an interview And all this is understandable, however, the following lines best testify to how much tennis is actually a fight between a man and a dog.

"There was also an element of energy. Usually, when I go out on the field in big matches, I'm not exactly a favorite in the hearts of the fans." "And I prepared for that kind of atmosphere. And then, almost the whole stadium is with me!

I felt it as soon as I went out on the field. I didn't expect that and I was caught with a lowered guard. " It was seen. It was seen in Novak's tears… "I cried (in the middle of the match) first because of that incredible support.

It was tears of joy. Because of all that love. Then those tears of joy turned into tears of sorrow." "Of course, I did not give up, but I felt that it would be very, very difficult for me to return to the situation to win.

" It's a sport. No mercy. No looking back. No remorse. Except for one thing. "I only regret not crying before. That release came too late. After that, I took his serve, won the next game, I'm not saying I would have won if I had cried earlier, but who knows?" "But hey, I really believe that everything in life happens for a reason.

It's as if God or the universe or whatever decides what will happen that day. " All the complications caused by the pandemic did not help anyone. Tennis players were especially exposed, not to the virus itself, but to various security protocols.

“Roller coaster emotion. We all survived a difficult period. But we were forced to travel to different countries for work, and each had different rules." "In such circumstances, it is very difficult to stay mentally healthy, to preserve all those routines that allow you to be the best.

" So, Djokovic did not succeed in New York, but in 2021 he will have new chances to be alone in the first place of the player with the most Grand Slam titles, thus depriving Federer and Nadal fans of the last argument in the debate on the best in tennis history.

Because Federer and Nadal seem to be slowly losing their breath. Novak's competition now comes from the younger generation. Djokovic especially singles out the two.

Medvedev and Zverev

Medved is the first one "I like his character.

He sends everyone the same picture: "I am what I am, I never copy." It may sound confusing, but more often we come across young players who just show up and immediately talk about the older ones, in the style: "He is my idol, I want to be like him."

And Daniil is authentic and I like that. " The other upcoming rival is, of course, Alexander Zverev, who stopped Djokovic in the semifinals of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. "I know his older brother Mischa, we are the same generation, we played a lot in junior tournaments.

He came with his family to those tournaments, so Sasha was there too…" "I was always available to him, to give advice, to encourage him. And he always listened, respected, admired, supported me in training.

Our relationship is built that way. We often talk off the field. He is one of my biggest rivals, but I am somehow the closest to him ”. Well again… "I was hoping to kick their asses at least a few more times this year, in Tokyo and New York, but in the end, we are joking about it. And I love it. That is the ‘NextGen’ rivalry: Zverev, Djokovic, Medvedev ”.