Novak Djokovic has not given up on Australia yet!

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Novak Djokovic has not given up on Australia yet!

The Tennis Federation of Australia insists that Djokovic has not yet withdrawn from the ATP Cup, despite different announcements The dilemma of whether Novak Djokovic will play in the first tournament of the new year, which starts on January 1 in Sydney and continues.

On Saturday, Blic announced that the best tennis player in the world will not play in the ATP Cup, which was reported by all world media. A few days later, the response of the Tennis Federation of Australia (TA) followed, which could not reveal when, according to their information, Djokovic should arrive in Sydney.

But they insist he has not withdrawn from the tournament yet. "There is no giving up on the Serbian team," the TA spokesman told the local media enigmatically. The public debate on whether Djokovic will play on the Fifth Continent at all this season has been going on for several weeks because no one still knows (at least officially) whether he has been vaccinated.

Novak's position on that question is well-known - that it is a personal thing. On the other hand, the organizers of the Australian Open said that all players who will participate in the first Grand Slam tournament of the year must be fully vaccinated TA CEO Craig Tiley revealed that several will still be granted medical exemptions, but that the identities of those players will not be published, which caused additional confusion, which increased the belief that Novak, even if not vaccinated, could appear.

Tiley statement

Addressing the public this month, Tiley said that he did not, nor will he put pressure on Djokovic to reveal his status when it comes to vaccinations. "If Novak appears at the Australian Open, he will either be vaccinated or have a medical exemption.

It is his choice regarding his personal health condition." "It is his choice to keep it a personal thing, as we would all do with any condition that we may have or may not have it. We will not force him, nor ask him to reveal it," Tiley explained.

The ATP claims that 95 out of the 100 best-ranked players have been vaccinated, but does not mention names. At the beginning, it was thought that Stefanos Tsitsipas was also against vaccination. However, the Greek received two doses of the vaccine, so he will participate in the Australian Open.

In an interview with Sky Sports yesterday, he expressed his thoughts on Djokovic's situation. "It's his choice and I respect him. Everyone has freedom of decision. I'm going to Australia. I'm not promoting vaccination, but I'm not against it either."

"I support anyone who wants it. I'm not a doctor, but an athlete and my attitude may not be the best when we talk about medicine. I'm vaccinated. I did it to have a normal life," Tsitsipas said.