After Nadal, Shapovalov and Rublev are positive for corona

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After Nadal, Shapovalov and Rublev are positive for corona

The virus was picked up by three of the six players from the exhibition Coronavirus began to shake the tennis world again. While all eyes are on Novak Djokovic, who has not yet decided whether he will play in the Australian Open, during that time, three players from the first 20 became infected with the crown.

Interestingly, all three participated in the exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi in the previous days, and everything goes in favor of picking up the virus there. Rafael Nadal was the first to report that he was infected, the test showed that he was positive only after he returned to Spain from the Emirates.

After him, Denis Shapovalov, the 14th tennis player in the world, said that he was also positive, while today the same case was reported by Andrei Rublev, the fifth tennis player on the planet, who won the tournament in Abu Dhabi.

In addition to the three of them, Andy Murray, Taylor Fritz, and Dan Evans also took part. In the same tournament, in the competition of tennis players, Belinda Benčić and Ons Jabeur played in the finals, both of whom later reported that they were infected with the coronavirus.

Rublev on his situation

While Nadal is expected to recover and play in the Australian Open, it is now uncertain whether Shapovalov and Rublev will have the opportunity to travel to Melbourne, the first Grand Slam of the season that will start on January 17.

"I am currently in Barcelona and unfortunately I am positive on COVID-19. I am in isolation, I follow all protocols and I am under the supervision of a doctor." Sure, Rublev is frustrated by this, but he will still have to rest for a while and come back.

Many players have been through the same "As you know, I was completely vaccinated because I was preparing for the ATP Cup and the Australian Open. "Now I have to recover first and travel to Melbourne only if it is safe for everyone," Rublev wrote on social media.

Corona virus has changed many things and before any tournament, questions are asked about who will participate and who will not. Who will be positive and who will not? We don't know how long the pandemic will last, but the sport is unlikely to be the same after all.

Obviously, certain things will have to change and the sport must adapt to our currently greatest enemy: COVID