Novak Djokovic will skip the ATP Cup

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Novak Djokovic will skip the ATP Cup

Only a few days to go until the 2022 season begins, the ATP Cup and some 250 tournaments will begin and there will be the first indications on who will travel to Australia in view of the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam tournament.

There is a lot of curiosity about what Novak Djokovic will decide, if he can attend and defend the title in Melbourne. Only vaccinated tennis players can go to Australia and the number one in the world still has to communicate his real intentions to everyone.

Several times in the past he has spoken with a negative meaning about the vaccine and now everyone wants to understand if Nole is vaccinated or not. In fact, it seems likely that a possible sensational forfeit in Australia would mean that Novak Djokovic is not currently vaccinated.

The journalist Sasà Ozmo and sources close enough to the player report that Nole will not participate in the ATP Cup but will instead remain in Serbia where he will work hard to prepare for the start of the season, including the Australian Open: "99% Novak Djokovic will not travel for be January 1st in Australia and compete in the ATP Cup.

He is training in Serbia and has decided to skip this team tournament." Bad tile for Serbia who will have to do without their favorite and their star. Serbia is in the group with Norway, Chile and Spain. Oea all the insiders are wondering if Novak Djokovic will be present on January 17th at the starting line of the next Australian Open, a tournament that he could even win for the tenth time in his career.

Currently Nole will remain in Serbia where, in addition to training, he will work for extra tennis commitments together with his wife Jelena. He will also have the opportunity to spend free time with his children and the rest of the family while the well-known and experienced coach Marian Vajda will take care of the training.

The decision on the Australian Open is therefore postponed for the moment with all his supporters waiting to understand what the number one and twenty-time winner of Grand Slam tournaments will do.

Players vaccinated with Sputnik will not participate at the Australian Open

Other changes, or aspects that are gradually being made official, regarding the access rules for participation in the Australian Open 2022, the first Grand Slam tournament of the next competitive tennis season.

This news does not surprise almost any insider or enthusiast, given that in recent weeks there have been several changes on the topic, undoubtedly the most discussed since the end of the 2021 edition of the Davis Cup (with the victory of the favorite Russia over Croatia).

Rewinding the tape, the recent adjustments relate to the 72-hour quarantine of athletes as soon as they enter oceanic countries: through a statement from the prime ministers of the states of Victoria and New South Wales, the isolation period for players who will have to disembark in Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne, the venues for events scheduled for January.

In Australia it will be mandatory to have administered at least two doses of the anti-COVID vaccine. In recent days, a chance has been created for those who have not received the serum to take part in the tour anyway: however, it will be necessary to overcome the barrier of two different commissions of experts, convincing them not to represent a risk to others (the negative response will also suffice.

of one of the two for not being able to play). The last, in chronological order, incredible story is about the invalidity of the Sputnik serum, which could force some tennis players to forfeit: not being recognized by Australia (even in Europe).

The first victim of the situation, telling it on social channels, is that of world number 194 Wta Natalia Vikhlyantseva: "Unfortunately, I will not participate in the AO in 2022. I am really happy with the level of tennis I have shown in recent events and I would like to play in Australia , but Sputnik is not yet verified.

Good luck to all the participants and the organizers, who have always created extraordinary events ”she wrote, she embittered. The risk could be especially for players from Eastern Europe, who have used that type of vaccine extensively.

The situation of the Russian players should also be checked. With the Pfizer or Moderna booster dose, it will be possible to enter oceanic land and play the various ATP tournaments.